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Carin Goodall Rogosky ’04

“Majoring in religion was the best decision I ever made and it really shaped my future in the health care field,” said Rogosky, who partnered the discipline with biology and chemistry classes. “My courses in religious studies gave me perspective and [encouraged] openness, and I was fascinated at how history, culture, and spiritual beliefs shape each other and one’s interpretation and approach to the world. Every lecture I heard and text I studied was so enriching to me as a person that I knew this is what my undergraduate studies should be about.”

As Rogosky neared graduation, she knew she wanted to move beyond classroom learning and start engaging with diverse communities around the world. Through her Peace Corps service in Bulgaria, teaching English and health to school students while also becoming more involve in anti-trafficking efforts, she was able to apply the lessons she learned everyday on campus to her life’s work.

“When I discovered pediatric nursing at Johns Hopkins, I knew I had found my calling. I am frequently assigned to our international patients and families because I have learned to enter the relationship with a sense of respect and awareness that they are approaching our shared experiences with a view and history of the world different than my own,” Rogosky said. “In these ways, my degree in religious studies at Gettysburg College was an invaluable piece in my journey to nursing.”

Posted: Thu, 28 Mar 2013

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