The Center for Career Development

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“Our students have the responsibility to make good use of their education. We have an obligation to set them on the path to doing great work.”

- President Janet Morgan Riggs ’77

Students come to Gettysburg College for education and experiences that will open doors to their futures. In turn, we prepare them to be leaders and active citizens in their professions, communities, the nation, and the world. With rapid change the new world order, Gettysburg College graduates need every strategic advantage.

Career Development at Gettysburg

Brook Engeldrum '10 used an externship to launch her career in the magazine industry. Learn more about CCD experiential opportunities.

Career development guidance and a strong alumni network are long-standing benefits of being part of the Gettysburg College community. The importance of both has intensified in light of continuing economic and global turmoil. It is ever more critical today that college education connect with the workforce.

Today, the Center for Career Development (CCD) helps students develop career decision-making skills to guide them in college and throughout their lives. CCD is actively involved in the First-Year and Sophomore Experience programs, engaging students as they begin to plan their undergraduate paths and weigh their choice of major. CCD offers internship and externship opportunities, career planning and graduate school advising, job-search strategies, resume writing and interviewing workshops, and the tools to build a powerful network of professional contacts.

Creating Opportunities

Students explored careers in real estate and green development during the January 2013 Career Immersion Trip. Read more about the Career Immersion program and past trips.

In 2009 CCD launched a 5-year initiative to create 1,832 career-related opportunities for students. Alumni, parents, and friends of the College are responding with enthusiasm and their first-hand experience with the College makes them especially qualified to understand and support our students. The experiences include internships, externships, job shadowing, networking events, field-specific immersions, employment interviews, and mentoring. More than two-thirds of our graduates have pursued at least one, if not multiple, career preparation or exploration experiences. CCD is strategic in pursuing career related work and observation opportunities, seeking internships, externships, and job shadowing that are most relevant in an ever-changing and increasingly global employment environment.

Eliminating Financial Barriers

While access to number of diverse and meaningful opportunities is important, it is also critical to eliminate financial barriers so that all students may participate. Almost 70 percent of our students receive scholarships and grants. Those who depend upon wages from campus or outside jobs are challenged to accept unpaid internships. Those students simply cannot afford to forfeit their wages, even if the opportunity promises more valuable experience.

Stipends and funds for travel and living expenses associated with career development experiences are urgently needed. Student interest far exceeds the College’s ability to make these experiences a reality. With greater capacity to take students beyond the classroom, Gettysburg can move beyond its current foundation of experience-based programs to include more students, engage them more fully—and spread the effects of a Gettysburg education around the world.

A critical linchpin, CCD helps make lifelong career planning a part of a Gettysburg College education, preparing graduates for success after college and as leaders in their professions, communities, the nation, and the world.