Professor Shelli Frey

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“One of the main reasons I came to Gettysburg was the opportunity to translate my passion for research to the undergraduate student experience.”

Shelli Frey has been on Gettysburg’s faculty since 2008, when she graduated with a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Chicago.

Her passion has been infectious; one of her students, for example, began as a tentative student but eventually won a departmental research award—and is now in a PhD program in bioanalytical chemistry.

Another student is working on a project with potential applications for estimating the toxicity of nanoparticles in sunscreen and makeup.

And yet another—a member of Frey’s lab for two years—coauthored a paper with her professor.

“It was recently accepted for publication,” says Frey, “making [my student] one of the few juniors at a liberal arts college with a publication in a top physical chemistry journal.”