Cupola Society Associates

"Donating at the CSA level not only allows me to give back and support the College I love, but also provides valuable networking opportunities as well.  By attending Cupola Society events throughout the year, I have been able to meet and interact with many successful alumni who have offered mentorship, advice, and career development opportunities to me."  -- James Russell '08

Gettysburg’s young alumni have a special opportunity to join the inner circle of Gettysburg College supporters by becoming Cupola Society Associates. Members of this elite group of donors contribute $100 for each year since graduation, until their tenth year as alumni.

Cupola Society Associates enjoy all the benefits of Cupola Society membership. They receive exclusive communications from the President, members of the Board of Trustees, and other senior leaders of the College.  CSA members are also invited to attend member-only campus programs and events, including the annual Cupola Society celebration dinner.

By making a gift to the Gettysburg Fund or Orange & Blue Club at the level listed for their class year below, current seniors and young alumni become Cupola Society Associates.

Class Year Years Since Graduation CSA Gift Level
Class of 2017 0 $100
Class of 2016 1 $100
Class of 2015 2 $200
Class of 2014 3 $300
Class of 2013 4 $400
Class of 2012 5 $500
Class of 2011 6 $600
Class of 2010 7 $700
Class of 2009 8 $800
Class of 2008 9 $900
Class of 2007 10 $1000