Why I Give: Brett Montich '00

Economics & Management
King of Prussia, Pa.

For Brett Montich '00, giving back to Gettysburg College is giving for the future. "When I was a student, Gettysburg was great," he said. "Today the College is phenomenal - and in the future it will be exceptional."

"I have so many wonderful memories from Gettysburg," Montich said. "My roommate was the best man in my wedding, and I was introduced to my wife by a teammate on the swim team. I just feel I owe a little bit back to the College."

Montich is president of the Philadelphia Alumni Club, serves on the Philadelphia Planning Committee, and has been a class agent and reunion volunteer. He contributes to the career development of current students by offering externships and interviews. At his 10th reunion last June, Montich received the Young Alumni Achievement Award for Service. The economics and management major and four-time letter winner in men's swimming manages a challenging career in financial services while he and his wife Donna raise their young family.

In fact, Montich's appreciation of the reach of the Gettysburg College alumni network grew even as he and Donna awaited the arrival of their first child. At the hospital Brett met another dad-in-waiting, former Gettysburg Sports Information Director Matt Daskivich. Both families named their newborns "Samuel," perhaps not-so-coincidentally the first name of the College's founder, Samuel Simon Schmucker. Samuel Montich is now the proud older brother of sister Anja. "I would love, if my children want it, to become a parent of the Class of 2019 and 2021," Montich said.

In addition to giving his time, talent, and expertise as a volunteer, Montich has been a consistent supporter of the Gettysburg Fund and Orange & Blue Club. "I feel that we, as alumni, are the stewards of the College's future and we have a responsibility to ensure the greatness of the College," he said. "We are Gettysburgians. It's what we do."