Why I Give: Eric Lint '80

Eric Lint doesn't take Gettysburg College for granted. "There is no birthright, nothing that says Gettysburg College has to exist," he said. "The only thing that can ensure its future is if people step up to make meaningful contributions."

Lint supports both the Gettysburg Fund and the Orange & Blue Club. He doesn't dwell on the difference between annual giving and growing the endowment. "It all contributes to the College," he said. "Every gift matters and each of us needs to step up and give to the best of our ability."

Lint recently joined the Board of Trustees. He is also the chair for his 30th reunion in June and he is passionate about energizing others to get involved. "I've seen the power of alumni participation at other institutions and I want that for Gettysburg.

"More participation yields economic power," Lint said. "The College does amazing things now with the income from its current endowment. Can you imagine the security and flexibility that a $500- to 700-million endowment would mean."

Switching gears to annual giving, Lint's expectations are practical. "I think it's time for Gettysburgians to start to think about themselves differently," he said. "There's a gift within everyone's reach. Give at least $30 - for parents like me, that's the equivalent of five ‘Happy Meals.' Or forego one nice dinner and commit $50 to $100. Of course larger gifts are very important. Everyone should do what they can."

Current students inspire Lint. "Gettysburg students are amazing," he said. "I'm impressed by their diversity of interests, work ethic, and great promise. They are under enormous pressure to perform and many are taking on significant debt to attend. Their sacrifice and commitment to Gettysburg have inspired me to increase my own commitment to the College."