Katie Afflebach '15

Katie Afflebach '15, recipient of the Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Smith Gettysburg Fund Scholarship, met the Smiths at a donor appreciation luncheon on May 4, 2012.

What surprised Katie Afflebach '15 the most in her first year at Gettysburg College?  It had to be the "awesome professors!"  When starting college, Katie did not expect her professors to be as involved as her high school teachers had been but, to her amazement, she believes they have been even more interested in her education.  "They just really care," said Katie as she explained the concern that had been shown to students.  She believes the professors truly want to help students to succeed.

Since arriving at Gettysburg, Katie has been fine-tuning her goals and is now focusing on attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences.  After completing her studies at Gettysburg College, she hopes to study to be a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant.  Right in line with that, her favorite classes this year have been her Biology classes!  Spanish classes are among Katie's top choices also, and she plans to include Spanish as part of her double major. 

In fact, Katie spends much of her spare time using her knowledge of the Spanish language to help others.  Through the El Centro tutoring program, an eight year old Spanish-speaking student at Gettysburg Elementary has been getting the extra help she needs from Katie.  Her Spanish is also helping Spanish-speaking adults to improve their English skills through the Adams County Literacy Council.  Next year?   Katie wants to be a role model for someone in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.   Eventually, she'd like to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

As the recipient of the Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Smith Gettysburg Fund Scholarship, Katie has experienced firsthand the generosity of those who give back.  The influence of these generous people can be seen in the work that Katie does to help others.  "I am getting a top-rate education because of people like the Smith's," Katie says.  "I would like to say how grateful I am…this is truly a great gift and a blessing."


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