Lauren Craley '08


"There are a finite number of people who call Gettysburg alma mater—and the College relies on them for philanthropic support. I have and always will make it a priority to give back to Gettysburg."

"The strength of Gettysburg graduates lies not in their knowledge of the world but in how they navigate it." That is how Lauren Craley '08 characterizes the benefits of Gettysburg's liberal arts education.  As a sociology major who has built a career helping elite liberal arts colleges transform lives—and as a donor to Gettysburg every year since graduation—her actions mirror her message.

"I want to ensure that truly promising minds have the chance to take a seat in the classrooms of our most prestigious colleges, forge relationships with peers who will become their colleagues and friends, and come to believe that they can achieve," she says. "It is hardly work to help alumni imagine how their generosity will propel young people on a path of transformation."

The fourth generation of her family to attend Gettysburg, Craley is a strong believer in supporting the College. "Gettysburg is my college," she says. "The strength and reputation of Gettysburg in the years ahead rests on whether or not my fellow alumni continue to consider it a priority."


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