Patricia Henry '71

"It is imperative that we understand and appreciate the ongoing needs of Gettysburg College, that tuition does not cover the total costs for a student's education, and that alumni and friends are critical to the financial future of the College."

For Patricia Henry '71, her career groundwork was laid in childhood. "An appreciation for sports was instilled in me from an early age by my father, who felt that children should be exposed to as many options for learning as possible—music, reading, sports, the arts—and that these all held unlimited possibilities for growth," says Henry. By the time she graduated from high school, she knew what kind of college she wanted: "one that valued people, provided a rigorous academic program, and would allow me the freedom to explore and pursue my passions." That college was Gettysburg.

As a health and physical education major at the College, Henry took a variety of courses that taught her to think critically and problem solve. "In the end," she says, "I chose to follow my heart by becoming a teacher." Now, 40 years later, she continues on that path as senior associate director of athletics at Harvard University, where she oversees 41 varsity sports programs comprising 1,100 student-athletes and 80 coaches. "I credit Gettysburg for providing a learning platform from which to launch my career," says Henry. "Since the day I graduated, I have always felt an obligation to give back."


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