William Lamb '08

William Lamb '08

"In addition to making an annual gift to the College, I jump at every chance to stay involved with and give back to Gettysburg. The number of opportunities to stay involved is incredible."

"There is a strong sense of philanthropy in my family," says William Lamb '08. "My parents demonstrated to me when I was young—and continue to illustrate today—how important it is to give back financially as you are able." Lamb says he has found it easy to give back to Gettysburg because he got so much from his four years at the College.

"I use what I learned at Gettysburg every day. Being able to communicate effectively, write well, and approach every situation with a sharp analytical eye are all skills I gained through Gettysburg's liberal arts education."

Having taught ninth grade English in inner-city Memphis and now employed as a sales executive for MetLife in New York City, Lamb is impressed by the accomplishments of current Gettysburg students. "Every year the bar seems to be set higher in terms of the qualifications students have going in, the amazing things they are doing on campus, and how prepared they are to tackle life after college," he says.


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