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Participants in our 1832 Society have named Gettysburg College as the beneficiary of a planned gift. Such provisions include gifts in wills, trusts, and retirement plans; gifts of real estate; gifts that provide income; and more. These vital donors are invited to campus for special events and the opportunity to meet students and hear their stories.

If you have included Gettysburg College in your plans but have not let us know, we hope you will share your intentions by completing this form or contacting us today. We would like to thank you for your generosity and, with your permission, add you to our roster.

Every day, Gettysburg College students are learning, growing, and giving back to the College community because of the generosity of those who have come before them. Gettysburg College is pleased to recognize their generosity with this roster:

1832 Society Roster*

Mary Alden and John W. Alden, XI P'94
Kelly A. Alsedek '71
Charles E. Anderson P'82
Laurie Kettyle Anderson '84 and William R. Anderson
E. Briner Ashway, Jr. '42
William G. Atherholt '49 and Rita D. Atherholt
G. Evelyn Fluck Babylon ’48, P'81, GP'13
Albert Eric Bachman '58
Patricia Carey Bacon '65
Margo McClain Begneschi '65
Barbara J. Baker '73
Sherrin Hilburt Baky-Nessler '65
Jean B. Bankert
Gail D. Barksdale
E. Beth Barnes
Nancy O. Barnes and H. James Barnes
Laurie A. Baty '76
Priscilla H. Baublitz and John E. Baublitz P'93
Judy Coffman Bauroth '60 and Alan R. Bauroth '60  
John C. Baxter '63
Christy Myers Baxter '97 and Michael J. Baxter '95
R. Hart Beaver '55
Janet Seward Becker '64 and R. Jay Becker P'93
Stephen Beer '75 and Beverley Beer
Nancy Belber
Brian E. Bennett '63 and Mary J. Bennett
David C. Berry '70
Susan Abercrombie Biernat '77 and Joseph A. Biernat, Jr. '75  
Amy Reinhardt Billerbeck '81 and Charles J. Billerbeck, Jr.
Timothy J. Bish '95
Clyde O. Black, II '62
James H. Black '58 and Joann Black
Thomas C. Black '70 and Marilyn F. Black
Sarah Blumig '10
Alice Jane Stock Boeshore '51
Kathleen Maack Boger '72 and Edward J. Radwanski
Gary W. Boguski '74 and Patricia Palumbo Boguski P'15
Joseph C. Bolton, Jr. '59
Ellen Rice Bonham '64  and Robert A. Bonham
Cathleen J. Bonner '94 and Robert W. Almoney, III
Marcia Walker '68 and Marvin L. Boote, II
Beatrice S. Botterbusch P'78, GP'11
Joan Shimkus Bower '56 and Russell A. Bower '56, P'84
Lois Snyder Bowers '40
Robert H. Boyer '60 and Barbara Boyer
Mary Jane Callis Brenneman '60 and James H. Brenneman '60, P'84, P'87
Frances Reeder Brenner
Paul A. Bringewatt '65 and Maggie Bringewatt
Susan F. Britcher '60
Donna J. Brogan '60
B. Katharine Stroop Brooks '76  
Douglas R. Brouder '83, P'11
Mary W. Brown
Kathy Shiffer Brown '69 and Dennis J. Brown
K. Richard Brunner, Jr. '58 and Cynthia Brunner
Patricia McCrone Bruno '73 and Joseph B. Bruno '72, P'03, P'07
Pamela Morton '82 and Wendell L. Bryce '78
Pamela A. Bucher
Karen A. Burdack '71
Harrie G. Burdan '55 and Susan J. Burdan
Beverly Piehl Burge '75 and Scott Burge '75  
Lynn Burke
James C. Burnett '76 and Lynne Burnett
Lisa Fergerson Burns '81 and Mark D. Burns
Robert H. Busch '56 and Richard E. Dematteis
Glenn W. Bushey '49
Richard W. Buss '66
Carolyn Kuhn Byron '62 and Leo C. Byron  
Ellen Goetz Campbell '70 and Dale Campbell
William A. Cannell '67 and Anne D. Cannell
William S. Carboy '54 and Virginia Carboy
Richard Cardozo '64 and Lynn Cardozo
Carol Carruthers P'90, GP'08
Rich G. Carter '93 and Mary Ann Carter
William S. Carter '58 and Ann Carter
Peter J. Casagrande '60 and Pamela M. Casagrande
Nancy Marie Casper and Stephen Paul Mahinka P'10
James L. Chemel '71 and Bonnie Chemel
Peggy E. Chittick '68
Deborah Clapp '74 and Christian Stallsmith
Lori Kono Clapp '73 and Dudley J. Clapp, III '72
John W. Clark '52 and Mary B. Clark
Emily Clarke and Ian Clarke
William G. Cleveland '73 and Linda A. Cleveland
Ann C. Clouser
Helen W. Coale '66 and Carlo Finetti
Barbara Aitchison Collins '63 and K. Lee Collins '62, P'88
Merry E. Converse '54 and Alvin O. Converse
Meredith C. Cook '95
Dianne Lappe Cooney '79 and Donald R. Cooney '79, P'06
Doris Stetler Cooney '49, P'79, GP '06
Enid Wedemeyer Corkran '69 and James W. Corkran '69
G. Ronald Couchman '63
Mary E. Cowden '71
Malcolm L. Cowen, II '81 and Karen Cowen
S. Morton Creech, Jr. '61 and Linda Creech
Margaret Blanchard Curtis '52
Edith A. de Russy '72
Katharine Eby Deardorff
David R. DeBor '13
Mary Louise Devers
Nancy L. Dickgiesser P'95
Nancy L. Dilcher '63
Jesse H. Diner '69 and Adele Stone
Cecil Malmberg DiNunno '71 and Donn J. DiNunno
Craig R. Disher '66 and Susan Disher
Ronald L. Ditzler '62
Minerva Diviney
Marie S. Dorsch '53
Elizabeth Haave Dougherty '68 and Gerald J. Dougherty
Ann Eggers Dowie '51
George W. Dress, III '70 and Downey B. Dress
Charlotte Dubovick GP'07
Guy S. Edmiston, Jr. '59
Richard C. Ellis '52
Joyce Hamm Elsner '58 and Bertram F. Elsner P'82, P'85, P'95
Robert L. Emrich '67 and Carol Bryson Emrich '69
Angela Gravino Estes '64 and Jere E. Estes '65  
Robert M Etter '54 and Jeane Etter
Barbara L. Evans '73 and Kevin C. Godfrey
Anne E. Faust
Sheldon R. Fees '63
Arthur M. Feldman '70 and Susan B. Feldman
Ann Fenimore
Adam L. Fernandez '98 and Kathryn L. Fernandez
Charles G. Fickes, Jr.
James Fink and Patricia Fink
Charles Finley, Jr. '65
Ralph C. Fischer '54 and Evelyn J. Fischer
Margaret Stauffer Fisher '41  
Emily S. Foster '69
M. Elaine Foster P'09, P'11
Daniel C. Fought '60
Thomas H. Fox '69 and Lynda Benoska Fox '69
Ralph Fox
Adele Miller Fuller '66  
Georgia A. Franyo-Ehlers P'00
Gordon H. Frey '70
Raymond A. Frick, Jr. '66
Earl M. Fritz '52 and Pauline Fritz
David E. Fuchs '74 and Rebecca Royer Fuchs '75
Michael R. Fuller '74 and Lynne Fuller
Jeffrey W. Gabel
A. John Gabig '57 and Dorothy N. Gabig
Charles Galbraith '56 and Alice Galbraith
Jon B. Ganser '60
Gerald G. Garbacz and Jane S. Garbacz P'86
Genevieve W. Garman
Richard W. Garman '53 and Pat Garman
Philip L. Garrett '50 and Peggy L. Garrett
Bonda Schafer Garrison '68 and Theodore W. Garrison, III
Robert W. Garthwait, Jr. '82 and Carlotta Garthwait
Robert W. Garthwait and Marion Garthwait P'82
Jeanne Z. Gearey
Lois Willert Geib '69 and Lawrence J. Geib '72  
Kathleen Gibbs '64
Gregory C. Gibson '69 and Mary Beth Gibson
Charles H. Gilbert '71 and Barbara Gilbert
F. Robert Gillinder, IV '63
Nicholas A. Giorgio, Jr. '59
Phillip E. Gladfelter
Charles E. Glassick and Lois Glassick GP'10, GP'11
Paul J. Goldbecker, II '88
M. Brett Goodrich '82 and Rebecca Cook Goodrich '82
James D. Goodwin '70 and Denise S. Goodwin
Joan Bossmann Gordon '75
Rex S. Gordon
John R. Gormley '48 and Joan Gormley
Harvey B. Goss '64 and Pamela Goss
James F. Grathwohl '59
Susan Walsky Gray '68 and Robert W. Gray
Jacqueline Walters Graybill '49 and Henry W. Graybill, Jr. '49, P'73, P'76
Joann Hess Grayson '70 and Phillip S. Grayson '70, P'06
Patricia Paul Griffin '62 and Galen N. Griffin
Betsy Griffiths '68 and Jon Griffiths '66
Janice G. Gruber
Judith Keyes Guss-Nelson '60, P'89
Matthew P. Haag '94 and William Schaefer
Donald A. Haas '58 and Mary Haas
Edwin N. Hadley '56 and Mary Jane Hadley GP'15
Paul R. Haldeman '67 and Michele Haldeman
Frances A. Hall '62
Carol Reed Hamilton '59 and Bruce E. Hamilton '59  
David C. Hamme '53 and Hannelore Hamme
Tracey Hanfling '04
Elizabeth Reade Hansen '62 and Robert F. Hansen
Erik A. Hanson '65 and Kathryn L. Hanson
Robert N. Harcourt '58
James F. Hargreaves '72 and Karen Hargreaves P'98, P'01, P'05
Sara Fritz Hargreaves '71, P'98, P'01, P'05
Brian H. Hargrove '91 and Linda Hargrove
Royall T. Harner
Cheryl Meinschein Hausman '77 and Richard Hausman
Gary T. Hawbaker '66
Julia A. Hendon
Carol Seibel Hendrix '63 and Sherman S. Hendrix '61  
Paul F. Henning, Jr. '54 and Virginia B. Henning P'86
Patricia W. Henry '71
Paul E. Henry, Jr. '63 and Carolyn Henry
Helen Dixon Hess '48, P'78
James H. Heston '70
Gerald A. Heverly '67
Christopher P. Hewes '91 and Mario Castagna-Hewes
William C. Heyman '74 and Doreen H. Heyman P'13
Suzanne M. Hickey '98
H. Scott Higgins '67 and Linda P. Higgins P'12
Mary L. Higley '81 and Kyran Kennedy
B. Paul Hirsch
Raymond C. Hittinger '64 and Joyce A. Hittinger
Michael J. Hobor '69 and Nancy Allen Hobor
William A. Hoffman '62 and Donna Hoffman P'91
Alexander R. Hoffmaster '10
Lissa Segina Holland '80 and Frank S. Holland, III P'16
Barbara A. Holley '54
Laurene Lyden Holloway '77 and Callon W. Holloway, Jr. '76
Emily C. Holman '68
Joseph B. Homsher '66
Ruth Long Hough
Joann Howells
Samuel S. Hoyle '73
Kristine Frieberg Hughey '68 and Richard L. Hughey '67
Abigail Titus Johnson '90 and Edward Johnson
Susan Johnson Hunter '79, P'08
William Huss '75 and Cheri Geckler Huss
Robert W. Ilgenfritz '56 and Arlene Ilgenfritz
Gregory Islan '70 and Anne Sneath Islan
W. Newton Jackson, III '65 and Clary M. Jackson
John F. Jaeger '65 and Karen Ivers Jaeger
Paul J. Janke P'80, P'82
Cassandra Pickens Jewell '04 and Michael Patrick Jewell
Cynthia Shearer Johnson '52 , P'76, GP'09
Sharon M. Jones P'91
Gail Jones and John "Buzz" Jones
Suzanne Koenig Jones '66
Anna B. Jordan '06
Robert H. Joseph, Jr. '69 and Marilyn A. Joseph
Jean L. Keefer '44
David H. Keller, Jr. '52
Larry E. Kepner '69 and Susan S. Kepner
Jean Cleveland Kirchhoff '64 and William T Kirchhoff '63, P'86
Shirley T. Kirschner
Elizabeth Platt Klauk '63 and E. Russell Klauk '63  
Kathryn Klemmer Holliday '70  
Elizabeth Taylor Knowles '61  
Anne J. Knox P'92
Eric E. Kolbe '65
Andrew P. Kordalewski '52
Thomas P. Koutris '79
H. Norman Krause
Arthur F. Kriner '65 and Jean P. Kriner
Ernest J. Kruse '52
Margaret Spangler Kull '69 and F. Thomas Kull, Jr. '69  
Celia J. Kuhlmann '75
Mary Espelie Kvamme '64  
Katherine Reese Laing '85 and Michael Laing
Annette M. Lange '83
Teresa Hanna Lanan '81 and Mark C. Lanan P'12
Nathan A. Lanan '12
Elaine Mook Landau '60
Bernard L. Langeluttig '59
Michael B. Langey '69 and Linda B. Langey
Nan Messinger Lansinger '74  
Andrew M. Larson '49
Donald B. Lawson '65 and Linda Lawson
Patricia A. Lawson P'09, P'13
Patricia Carr Layton '60 and C. Rodney Layton, Jr. '60
Robert G. Legg '70
Jean S. LeGros '73
Janet Haynes Lehman '70 and Robert T. Lehman '70
John R. Lehman '47 and Josie A. Lehman
Mary Rogers Lemke '63
David M. LeVan '68
Gregory A. Lewbart '81 and Diane Deresienski
Jane C. Little
Linda Ireland Logio '71 and Thomas Logio P'91
Irvin M. Loose '55
Nancy R. Lowe and George W. Lowe  
Monica E. L'Tainen '88
Anne Gulden Lucas '78 and Richard E. Lucas P'08
Lawrence H. Luessen '67 and Lynn L. Luessen
Kenneth C. Lundeen '66 and Elizabeth M. Lundeen
Jean Wolfe Lush '57 and Henry W. Lush '54, P'78
Gail Van Nordstrand MacFarland '69 and Robert A. MacFarland '67
Paul W. Mackasek '64 and Shelia G. Mackasek
Audrey A. Magee
Frederick Mahan '52 and Martha Mahan
Carol Gilbert '67 and A. Donald Main '65, P'95
Alma March
Phillip B. Marchbank '70 and Janet A. Marchbank
James S. Margolin '74
Lynne Koppenhaver Margolin '75
Helen Rowland Marter '72
John H. Martin '54 and Martina M. Martin
Jeffrey R. Martini '93
William M. Matz, Jr. '61 and Linda A. Matz
Robert A. McCown '73
Thomas J. McCrystle '73
Harriet Thompson McDowell '50
Daniel E. McGarry, Jr. '70 and KayLouise Roberts McGarry P'07
Timothy D. McMillin '65
Marilyn McQuaide and Robert L. McQuaide  
Christine Sorrentino Mertz, '72 and Alan R. Mertz '71  
David H. Miller '66 and Ann P. Miller
Louise Wilde Miller '64 and George J. Miller
Ronni Sowers Miller '04 and Kevin E. Miller
M. Eugene Mittel '50
Brett Montich '00 and Donna Montich
Patricia Emlet Moore '52 and Carey A. Moore '52  
Thomas J. Moore '91
Stephen W. Morro '80 and Elizabeth E. Morro
Louise Moyer Morrow '57, P'83
Anna Dundore Motter '49 and George W. Motter, Sr. '47
Edward C. Moul '49
Anna Jane Moyer
Mary Alice Rich Moyer '66
Paul M. Muchinsky '69
Robert C. Muff '60

Madeleine Mulderrig '11
Harvey Mumma '60
M. Lynn Myers '81

Victor A. Myers
Janet Michael Nakushian '55
Susan Roome Nelson '84 and Geoffrey G. Nelson '85  
Martha Krug Nelson '64 and Roger M. Nelson P'91, P'93  
Henry R. Nicholson '69
Matthew T. Nielsen '94
Nona P. Niner '80
Paul S. Nix '74 and Barbara B. Nix P'10
Patrick F. Noonan '65
Robert E. O'Brien '51
Jeffrey C. Oak '81 and Carol Pinkham Oak
Charlotte Rehmeyer Odell '45  
Dana Strine O'Neil '68, P'00
John K. Orr '70
Edward L. Palmer '60
Constance Scullin Pannell '56 and Glenn S. Pannell, Sr. '54, P'79
Alan L. Parker '60 and MaryEllen Parker
Stephen R. Parr '57 and Nancy G. Parr
Robert T. Parry '60 and Brenda L. Parry
Richard E. Patterson '48 and Dorothy Fink Patterson
Renee Paxton, GP'04
Eleanor B. Pella and Peter J. Pella
Richard Peppler '65 and Patricia Peppler
Robert M. Philson '59 and Kay A. Philson
Robert L. Pillote ’52 and Barbara W. Pillote P'77, GP'07, GP'08
Helen Govan Piskorik '66 and Ronald G. Piskorik
Pauline Dale Platt '53 and Robert T. Platt
Gretchen Spaeth Poliero '84 and C. John Poliero, Jr. '84
Daniel C. Polizzotti '89 and Lisa Polizzotti
Janet M. Powers
Anna C. Prentiss
Anthony I. Presogna '65
Jennifer M. Railing
Julie L. Ramsey and Bruce E. Bigelow P'91
Paul W. Redfern, Jr. '00 and Leigh-Anne Bennett Redfern
Virginia Saul Reese '51, P'75, P'77, GP'05
William R. Reid, III '66, and Carol Reid P'93
Carol L. Conner Restrepo '77 and David W. Restrepo '74
Barbara Myers Rhodes '54 and L. A. Rhodes
M'Liz Scotton Riechers '80 and Gene Riechers
Janet Morgan Riggs '77 and J. Edward Riggs, Jr. '77
Angela Chandler Robertson '91 and Scott Robertson '89  
William R. Rock '51 and Suzanne B. Rock
Charles T. Rose '66 and Stav Sideris Rose
Joellen Huffer Rowe '89 and Gordon D. Rowe '66  
Gerald E. Royals '52
Lynne A. Royer '83 and Bruce J. Saldinger
Joyce Manley-Ryder and Edward B. Ryder, IV
Karen Hewitt Scarlett '76 and Robert Scarlett
David S. Schafer '84 and Lexi A. Schafer
Cynthia Eichelberger Schimpf '72 and Brian C. Schimpf '72
Timothy J. Schmitt '63 and Anne H. Schmitt
Janet Medcalf Schroeder '73 and Martin L. Schroeder '73
Joan Fischer Schweizer '76 and Eric B. Schweizer '76
Lois W. Schweizer P'73, P'76
Josephine Merriken Scupp '78 and Kenneth C. Scupp, Jr. '77
William L. Seeman '73
Susan M. Seitz P'03
Nancy J. Sellers '71
Barbara Belletti Shames '71 and Mark Shames '73
Arline E. Shannon P'74, P'77
James G. Shannon Jr. '74
Stephen H. Shantz '62 and Anna M. Shantz
Barbara Wenger Shaw '65 and F. Barry Shaw '65
Lucille C. Shelley
Jean Pugh Shipman '79 and Mark J. Shipman
F. Kenneth Shockley '59, P'85
Betty L. Shryock
Betty R. Shults
Charles R. Shuman, Jr. '40
Georgiana Borneman Sibert '56 and Robert L. Sibert '55
Carol Leatherman Sieck '59 and Robert R. Sieck '57  
Alfred O. Siegel '56 and Lois M. Siegel
David H. Smalbach '57 and Carolee Smalbach
G. Drue Smethers '75
Hubert C. Smith '52
James E. Smith '64 and Kathy C. Smith
Jean V. Smith '66 and Lucille Candeloro
Kae Meyer Spoerl '59
Richard A. Statesir ’77 and Georganne Vartorella
Mary Stauffer Smith '45
Lois Moyer Smoot '60, P'88
Jane Hillegass Snyder '69
Marjorie H. Soderberg
Rosalie Spinozzi
Kae Meyer Spoerl '59
Janet C. Stavropoulos Molenda '67 and Michael Molenda
Bruce R. Stefany '71 and Betsy A. Stefany P'09
Janet Louise Cooper Stein '60
Patricia Beltz Stevens '65 and John Stevens
Mary Margaret Stewart
John F. Stophel '70 and Leslie M. Stophel
James H. Strimple, Jr. '72 and Diane Strimple
H. Allen Strunk, Jr. '68 and Christine Strunk
Kilja Choe Sulouff '61 and Nelson R. Sulouff '55
Sally McCurdy Sutton '80 and Brian A. Sutton '80, P'10, P'14
Evelyn Miller Swarts '63
George W. Sweet, II '59
Amie G. Tannenbaum
Donald G. Tannenbaum
Louise Catalano Tarman '56 and James I. Tarman '52
Carol Zimmerman Taylor '64
Janet Patterson Taylor '64 and Charles F. Taylor, III '64
Stephanie Eichner Test '89 and Timothy D. Test '89  
Deborah Fox Thomas '64
James R. Thomas '53 and Lucille I. Thomas P'80, GP'11
Kent L. Thomas '74 and Diane W. Thomas
Linda Schlossnagle Thomas '80 and John Thomas
Lynda Herman Thomas '72
George H. Thrush, III '49 and Mary M. Thrush
Jane O. Tilberg
Sara Read Timmons '65  
James S. Todd '65
Edward T. Tokar and Frances D. Tokar P'03
Rodney S. Tosten '85 and Anita Tosten
William F. Trakat, III '63 and Sandra N. Trakat
Diane Allwardt Trobaugh '67 and Lynn A. Trobaugh
Janet Loeffelman Trojak '69 and Paul G. Trojak '69
Raymond C. Truex, Jr '63 and Elizabeth L. Truex P'94
Sandra E. Ulsh '75
LaRue Unglaube and James M. Unglaube
Kaysie Pate Uniacke '83
Melissa Bellman Valentine '05 and Sean T. Valentine '05
Laurie Acquaire Vilim '87 and Glen L. P. Vilim '87
James S. Vinson '63 and Susan A. Vinson
Barbara Wold Vogel '69 and Frederick Q. Vogel '69  
Walter H. Wagner '57 and Deborah M. Wagner
Jon P. Wagnild '61 and Cathleen M. Wagnild-Morgan
Ralph H. Wagoner '60 and Susie Wagoner
Christopher J. Wahlers ’99 and Jaclyn Weinreich Wahlers ‘99
Bernice E. Walker P'69

Larry D. Walker '76
Debra K. Wallet '73
Stephen H. Walsh '67 and Patricia Walsh
Jane Fillmore Wargo '63 and Philip M. Wargo '62  
Susan Doenges Waring '71 and Russell J. Waring
Gregg L. Warner '75
Janis H. Weaner
Oscar W. Weber
Henry W. Wedaa '49
Ann Morrow Weigl '64 and Peter D. Weigl
Reid Weinbrom
W. Lee McCulloh White '78 and George H. White, III '79  
Harry W. Wiggins '70 and JoAnne R. Wiggins
Ellen Buchanan Wilcox '59  
Steven B. Wiley '73 and Judith M. Glassick P'10, P'11
Scott W. Williams '70
William E. Wilson '71 and Martha E. Arterberry P'04
Susan Gibble Wolf '57
Keith E. Woodman '66 and Marie C. Woodman
Nancy Wortman
William C. Wright '61
James Howard Yocum
Ronald H. Yocum '61 and Martha M. Yocum
Barbara Campbell Yonai '70 and James A. Yonai '70  
Martha L. Young
James A.M. Zarrella '79 and Catherine M. Zarrella
Arlene Sholly Zellers '54, P'85, GP'16
Bryan S. Zerbe '88
Judith L. Zerbe '62
Vivian Whitlock Zimmerman '48 and Donald T. Zimmerman '48, P'79
Francie Erickson Zimmerman '69 and William M. Zimmerman '68 

*We have made every effort to provide a full and accurate roster. Please contact plannedgiving@gettysburg.edu with any corrections or additions.