Information for Student-Athletes

Insurance   n  NCAA Ruling-Drug Exception

In order for our athletes to compete on our intercollegiate athletic teams, they must complete several forms and submit them using PeopleSoft/Student Center.  No athlete will be allowed to participate until these forms are completed and submitted, which must be done any time after June 1 each year.  Student-athletes may login into their respective Student Center account and complete the following forms:

  • Athletics Risk Management Form (located under Paticipation & Recognition, bottom of page)
             -Agreement to Participate
             -NCAA and Insurance Information
             -Authorization to Render Medical Treatment
             -Authorization to Release Medical Information 
             -Review of Student-Athlete Manual
  • NCAA Concussion (located under Paticipation & Recognition, bottom of page)
    Watch NCAA education video
             -Sign-off on Student-Athlete Concussion Statement
             -Upon arrival on campus in AUGUST: 
                    the athletic training room staff will schedule a time to take the
                    ImPACT Baseline and Baseline Balance testing for at-risk sports.
  • Emergency Contact (located under Personal Information)
  • Proof of Insurance (located under Personal Information, drop down of other)

Physicals:  All first-year and junior student-athletes, or student-athletes who have not competed for a College team within the past year, are required to have a complete physical exam by their home care provider.  The Report of Health Evaluation form should be returned to Health Services no later than July 1.  It is important to note that physicals must be within six months from the start date of the student-athlete's first allowable day of practice.