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Welcome to the official web site to the Gettysburg College Athletic Training Room. The Bullet Sports Medicine team is comprised of five full-time athletic trainers, students, a team orthopaedic consultant, and a team physician. They all help in providing medical care for nearly 600 athletes participating in 24 intercollegiate sports. The goal of our sports medicine team is to continue the high standard of care for our student-athletes and maintain the safety and health of all who participate in intercollegiate athletics at Gettysburg College. The Athletic Training staff primarily focuses on the prevention, assessment, management, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. We strive to create a holistic care approach to all of our athletes on an individual level. The Sports Medicine Team is an integral part of the health care team at Gettysburg, whose staff provides a unique service essential to the quality health care of the athletic population at Gettysburg College.

Please take the time and look through all our links and when you're finished browsing through our page, please feel free to check out our many websites to different organizations, accredited entry-level graduate athletic training programs, and also to some resourceful athletic training related websites. 

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  -Athletic Training Office Phone Number:  717-337-6416
  -Athletic Training Office Fax Number:  717-337-8462