NCAA Drug Exception


 The NCAA has instituted more comprehensive guidelines for eligibility by requiring medical exemptions for banned substances.  These include medications for male-pattern baldness, stimulants to treat ADHD/ADD, peptide hormones (HGH), and anabolic steroids (testosterone).

Every student-athlete that is being treated with one or more of these medications must now have complete documentation on file at Gettysburg College.  The documentation must include a letter from the prescribing physician with all supporting documentation including test results related to the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

Peptide hormones (HGH) and anabolic steroids prescribed for medical conditions require a medical exemption from the NCAA PRIOR to participation.  For complete details visit the NCAA health and safety website.



-This new policy by the NCAA went into in effect beginning in 2009 and remains current as of today.

-Student athletes must provide the Health Center with all documentation related to the use of banned substances. Gettysburg College Athletics or Health Services will NOT track or verify any information kept for this purpose.  It is the sole responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her physician to meet the requirements of this NCAA rule.

-Refer to the above NCAA link for exact documentation needed on file to conform to this rule.  The information required includes:

A) Diagnoses of condition requiring use of a banned substance.

B) How the diagnosis was confirmed (tests and results).

C) Dosage information.

D) Statement from physician that the student-athletes medical history demonstrates a need for regular use of the banned substance.

E) List of alternative medications that are not banned that were considered or tried.

F) Statement that the student-athlete and prescribing physician agree that no appropriate alternative medication of the banned medication is available.

G)  The information and supporting documentation can be faxed to the health center at 717-337-6978, or mailed to:

Health Services
Box 436 Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA  17325

H) Should the student-athlete be drug tested and be found positive for a banned substance, Drug Free Sport (testing agency) will request the above information from the institution for an exemption.  If this information is not on file at Gettysburg College, eligibility of the student-athlete may be jeopardized.