Student-Athlete Insurance Information

Every Gettysburg College student-athlete must have health insurance up to the $5,000.00 level per injury, either through their parents/guardian, or purchased through the College's plan.  Proof of insurance is required to be submitted each year.  Students may complete their Proof of Insurance by entering the information through their PeopleSoft/Student Center account.

The athlete's insurance is always the primary coverage. In the case of accident or injury, while involved in intercollegiate athletics, the college has a secondary insurance policy that picks up after $5,000.00 and will cover usual and customary charges for these cases up to $90,000. The NCAA insurance will then cover up to a limit of $20,000,000. Forms for the College's secondary coverage will be given to our athletes by the Athletic Trainers, and must be completed and returned to the address located on the top right corner of the form, within 90 days of the incident. Documentation, in the form of an Explanation of Benefits from your primary insurance carrier, must be provided.


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