Home games to be broadcast via web

Gettysburg Hockey
Gettysburg hockey will look to broadcast their home games via the internet for the 2013-14 season

One of the goals for the Gettysburg hockey team for the past few years has been to give more access for parents, alumni, and fans to see Gettysburg hockey games. This will hopefully be accomplished this upcoming season as Gettysburg looks to broadcast home games via the internet for the 2013-14 season. In order to accomplish this, Gettysburg hockey set up their own Ustream TV page.

The Gettysburg hockey team will be looking for interested students and fans to help with these broadcast for each home game. If you are interested please contact Coach Esser.

Please visit back to Ustream TV page on nights of home games and if all goes according to plan the the electronic equipment cooperates, the games will be broadcasted via that page.