Civil War

Gettysburg will battle a number of well-known southern schools this weekend

One cannot attend Gettysburg College without knowing a little about the Civil War as it surrounds them in their everyday activities.  This upcoming weekend Gettysburg will be taking on a few southern opponents as once again North and South clash.  Originally Gettysburg was slated to simply participate in the UNC Memorial Tournament.  However, as of Thursday evening Virginia Tech had a cancellation and scrambled to find another opponent.  As Gettysburg was heading down that way they agreed to leave a little sooner from campus and make a stop at the Roanoke Civic Center to take on the tough southern team.  Gettysburg will have a marathon weekend now as they will play four games in three nights.  After VT on Friday, Gettysburg begins tournament play Saturday afternoon against Elon University, then hours later will be taking on Duke University.  Depending on how the first two games of the tournament end, Gettysburg will either play NC State, UNC, or Eastern Kentucky on Sunday before finally heading home. 

Please follow Gburg’s progress on their Facebook Page as their will be constant updates throughout the weekend.  Good luck Bullets!