Burgians of the last decade


Burgians Of the Last Decade (BOLD) is comprised of the youngest members of Gettysburg College's Alumni Association. BOLD alums are able to enjoy all of the membership benefits of the Alumni Association and additional BOLD-specific events, activities, communications, and giving recognition. BOLD alums are the future of Gettysburg College and are making that future Gettysburg Great!

Gettysburg alumni who graduated in the last 10 years are members of BOLD: Burgians Of the Last Decade.

BOLD programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of young alumni. They provide regional networking and social events, career services, and opportunities to stay involved with the College through philanthropy and volunteer activity.

The BOLD Council provides guidance and direction to the young alumni program and works to enhance the connection between the College and our alumni of the last decade.

To learn more about the BOLD program, contact alumni@gettysburg.edu.

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