Innovative teaching is at the heart of a great college. In nearly every field, the body of knowledge is constantly evolving; professors need to keep current and respond with new approaches to their subject matter, while continuing to provide students with the kind of personal attention that awakens great achievement.

Gettysburg College has always sought exceptional teachers. In the past 10 years, the number of faculty members at the College has increased by about 20 percent. Yet without the resources to further develop courses that reflect the most recent and relevant research, the quality of their teaching will ultimately be compromised.

Endowed professorships have also enabled the College to recognize some of its most distinguished faculty members, but to retain such faculty—and to attract and develop more like them—we must do more and on a greater scale. With support for more professional development opportunities and endowed faculty positions, Gettysburg will enhance its reputation as a college whose students benefit from the finest teaching available.