Gettysburg College prepares students to be leaders and active citizens in their professions, communities, the nation, and the world. This is our enduring mission in today’s global framework—and you can help us achieve it.

Support Gettysburg Great global initiatives, including International Bridge Courses, Language Revitalization Grants, and Collaborative Online International Learning, as well as a Self-Instructional Language Program, Global Education Intern, Foreign Scholars Fund, Fund for Collaborative Endeavors, and an Airfare Fund.

Your gift to the renovation of Plank Gym will help us put Global Gettysburg at the campus crossroads. The Global Pavilion will place international perspectives at the center of our campus community. This is a capital project supported by our donors. The cost of this historic transformation and innovative endeavor is $18 million.

Maximizing Your Gift

You can support Gettysburg most effectively through a combination of 3 type of gifts.

Penn hall Giving thing

  1. Support the College by donating every year to the Gettysburg Fund.
  2. Designate a gift toward the endowment.
  3. Include Gettysburg in your estate plans.

Preparing tomorrow’s global leaders
Goal: $18 million

Provide funds to renovate Plank Gymnasium, breathing new life into the historic campus building and creating a hub for global programming.