Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

3rd Annual

Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Undergraduate Research
or Creative Activity Award


The Celebration '15 Planning Committee is sponsoring the 3rd annual Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Undergraduate Research or Creative Activity Award. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge that faculty member who best embodies what is involved in being an outstanding mentor for such projects.

The Planning Committee has asked students to nominate a faculty mentor using the following criteria: 

1) offers good advice and valuable information to mentees in order to advance and develop the mentee’s own path to academic and professional success

2) is generously giving of their time and expertise to provide feedback and guidance regarding mentee’s work

3) helps to create a vital and engaged academic community by involving peers and students in their publications, grants, and conference presentations, as well as sharing knowledge of such opportunities

4) makes others aware of the contributions their mentees are making

5) serves as a role model for their colleagues and students by maintaining high standards for excellence within their discipline and across the greater college community.

The Committee reviews the nominations and based on the students’ heartfelt responses to the survey questions, and with a special eye to those mentors who engaged their students in independent research, published and/or presented at conferences with their students, and who generally went beyond what faculty members normally do as teachers and advisors, narrowed the list to one. 

The selected mentor will receive a $2,000 award.

Students can nominate their faculty mentor by following the link posted in the Digest and email announcement.