Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

1st Annual

Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Undergraduate Research
or Creative Activity Award

The Celebration ’13 Planning Committee has voted to sponsor its first annual award to that faculty member who best embodies what is involved in being an outstanding mentor. The criteria the committee is using to make this determination are the following:

1) offering good advice and valuable information to mentees in order to advance and develop the mentee’s own path to academic and professional success

2) generously giving of their time and expertise to provide feedback and guidance regarding mentee’s work

3)  helping to create a vital and engaged academic community by involving peers and students in their publications, grants, and conference presentations, as well as sharing knowledge of such opportunities

4) making others aware of the contributions their mentees are making

5) serving as a role model for their colleagues and students by maintaining high standards for excellence within their discipline and across the greater college community.

The decision process is two tiered: First, we are first asking students to nominate a faculty member who has served as a mentor to them and who best meets the stated criteria by clicking on the nomination form link below and responding to the questions with specific examples so that the committee can clearly understand why you think this person meets these standards.  Second, we will then develop a slate of nominees based on the students’ responses and submit that slate to the faculty for them to vote via an online survey as to who they believe has best met the criteria given their own knowledge of their colleagues’ mentoring activities.

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor will be awarded a $2,000 research award. The deadline for students to nominate faculty mentors is Friday, March 1, 2013.