Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award: Faculty Nomination

The Celebration '17 Planning Committee is sponsoring the fifth annual Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Undergraduate Research or Creative Activity Award. This year, awards will be presented to three faculty members, representative of the three academic divisions (Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences & IDS, and the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science), whose work with Gettysburg College undergraduates embodies the qualities found in an outstanding research and/or creative activity mentor.  We realize you may not be privy to all the details of specific mentor-student interactions, but you likely recognize when a colleague consistently helps students develop their intellectual curiosity, their capacity for contemplating deeper questions, and a lifelong commitment to learning.

The Celebration‘17 Planning Committee requests nominations for a faculty member who has engaged in some or all of the following mentor activities during Summer ‘16 and/or AY 2016-17:

  1. Conference presentations—mentor encourages and prepares students to present their work at conferences; may even have them present with him/her.

  2. Summer ‘16 research program project—mentor has served as a mentor for students who were engaged in one of the summer research programs e.g., XSIG, Mellon Summer Scholars, etc.

  3. Publications (or artwork)—mentor has worked with students on submitting their work to journals or galleries/exhibitions; may have even co-authored an article with a student.

  4. Independent study—mentor has supervised a student conducting independent research other than the capstone e.g., International Bridge Course.

  5. Celebration and/or CAFÉ Symposium—mentor has sponsored students at Celebration ‘16 and/or CAFÉ Symposium ’17  and has attended at least one of these events to support the student(s) presenting.


If you wish to nominate a colleague who you believe meets these criteria, please complete and submit the online nomination form below no later than Friday, April 7, 2017.

Please note that students are also nominating mentors as well. Once the survey responses from students and colleagues have been tabulated, the Committee will vote on the outstanding mentors who, in the opinion of their colleagues and their students, have best met the stated criteria and who generally went beyond what faculty members normally do as teachers and advisors.

Thank you.

(*) denotes required information.

With regard to the stated criteria, what type of activities did your nominee engage in with students?
Please briefly describe all that apply and explain how the nominee may have met each criterion. Feel free to add any additional comments that you think might help the committee with their selections.