Presentation Formats

Paper/Panel Presentations:
Paper presentations will be organized into panels of 3 to 5 students each, grouped by topic and/or discipline. Each panelist will be allotted approximately 10 minutes to speak about his/her work. The panel will conclude with a 15-minute question-and-answer session for the entire panel.

  • There are two options for applying to be on a panel.  These options tell us who worked on the project.
    • Individual: This option should only be selected if the paper being presented is exclusively your own work, you will be the only student presenting this particular paper, and you have not prearranged to be a member of a specific panel with other students. *You will be scheduled with other individual presentations to make a complete session.
    • Group: This option should be selected if the paper being presented is co-authored by at least one other student OR your intention is to be a member of a group of students presenting their papers together as one panel with a common theme.  
  • Please see Applying for a Panel Presentation for additional details.
  • Limit two presentations per person.

Poster Presentations:
Students presenting research in poster format will be required to present for 1.25 hours. Please see Tips for Posters for more details.

  • All posters will be a regulation size of 36" X 48". Easels, foam core, attachment clips, and velcro will be provided.
  • During your presentation, you will stand by your poster to answer questions.  Once your session is over, you will take your poster with you.
  • All students presenting posters must remain with their poster for the first 30 minutes of the session.  Students will then be assigned a rotation time which to visit other posters being presentations. 

Visual or Performance work:
The format of these will be dependent on the type of medium, but all will have an established time slot for presentation.

  • Plan for approximately 20 minutes per musical and/or theatrical performance.
  • Time slots for films will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Studio Art presentations will have 10 minutes per presentation, each followed by a question-and-answer session.