Project Details

Mentors and Academic Administrative Assistants can view the student's project information by:
  • Logging on to the PeopleSoft
  • Click on the Celebration link on the left
  • Click on the Inquiry tab
  • Click on the students' project you wish to view from the list.  A read-only Submission Summary will appear for review.  Only students have permission to edit the contents of the registration form.

The Submission Summary will include:

  • Name of the student submitting the registration
  • Name(s) of students who be co-presenting
  • Name(s) of supporting students who will perform
  • Project Title,Project Description* (Max 500 characters)- In some instances, the group may have an overall "group" title and description in addition to each students individual title and project description.  Both are options on the registration form.
  • Resources needed over and above the standards for that particular genre.
  • Grant received for the project if applicable
  • Year of graduation
  • If the presentation is a graduation requirement
  • If the presentation is a capstone
  • Family attending

Note: The Submission Summary for group projects will grow with each individual student's registration submission.

Important: ALL students participating in Celebration must go into the PeopleSoft Celebration Registration Tool and complete the appropriate form for their part in the presentation in order to be included in scheduling and the program event book.

Please review the text carefully.  This information will be printed as-is in the Celebration Event Book that will be made available to student participants, faculty, Trustees, fellow students, the campus community, guests, potential students, and online.

*Full abstracts are no longer necessary.  Students are asked to provide a brief description of the project.  Therefore, results are not necessary for registration.  Students will provide the final results or conclusions at the event.