What is the deadline for submitting my online application?  March 23, 2018 11:59 p.m. is the deadline. Edits and new applications will not be accepted beyond this point. Please note that new applications must be submitted in their completed form, including all co-presenter information, as no further edits can be made after the specified deadline.

Is my adviser the same as faculty mentor? NO. The faculty mentor is the professor of the course where your research was conducted.

Does my research have to be in my major?  NO. For example, you could be a History major but  present a studio art project.

I am part of a group presentation.  Who should submit the registration?  The group should select one person to initiate the registration.  This person will complete the online application form and will list the remaining members of the group.  In turn, these students will receive an online invitation to log into the PeopleSoft registration tool and complete their portion of the registration.  

Can I apply if I'm not in a Capstone or Honors Thesis course? YES. All students in all class levels are strongly encouraged to apply.  Celebration '14 is about celebrating the research of all students in all disciplines.

Will I be able to indicate that my project is a Capstone or Honors Thesis?  Yes.  There is a check box on the application form to indicate such.

What is appropriate attire for presenters?  Business Casual.  Avoid blue jeans, sandals, flip-flops, t-shirts, etc.

Can I present more than one project? Students are permitted to present up to two projects.  Special consideration may be given to seniors who double major if the research being presented is required for a grade.

Can I select a time to present that is convenient for me? Due to scheduling restraints it is not possible to guarantee time slots however, presentation timing conflicts will be resolved.

Can I request a particular space or equipment that is necessary for my presentation? YES. We can not make guarantees but will give effort to accommodating your presentation needs.

Can I submit a panel project if I am not with a group? YES.  In this instance, the committee will group similar individual panel projects together to make a complete panel.

Is my faculty/administrator mentor notified of my registration?  YES.  Your mentor will receive email notification of your submission for approval.  If your mentor has concerns with the proposed presentation, he/she will speak to you directly. Your mentor has the right to deny your request at which time he/she will notify the Celebration coordinators of this decision.

I presented a poster presentation at a conference earlier this year.  The dimensions are different than required for Celebration '18.  Do I need to reprint my poster?  If you would like to reprint your poster to conform to the given dimensions that is your option.  However, if you have previously presented and would rather use that poster you can.  We would ask that you consider reprinting your poster if the dimensions of your previous poster are vastly different than the Celebration standard size of 36"x 48". Smaller sizes are difficult to mount on the poster boards.

Who is responsible for printing my poster? The student is responsible for printing his/her poster and any costs related to printing.