Tips for Panel Presentations

All presentations must have a faculty member or designated administrator as your mentor. This mentor's role will be to assist you with writing a projects description, preparing the presentation, and delivery of the presentation. *Limit two presentations per person.

There are a number of ways in which to apply for a panel presentation. Here are potential scenarios:

As an Individual

If you've conducted research for a course or as part of an independent study, you can apply to be on a panel. You will choose to apply as, "Individual" if you are planning to present a research paper that you have completed on your own.  You were the only contributor to this project and will be the only person presenting the findings of this research during your assigned panel session.  This option includes those students who will be presenting their own research paper to a class as part of a class requirement.  

Example 1: Your independent research project is, “The Roads to Recovery after the Civil War in Gettysburg.”  You have no connection to another students’ research so your presentation will be grouped with other students who also have independent work to create one panel, “The Uniqueness of Gettysburg.” 

Example 2: You are taking a class and the professor has required you to present your research to the class.  You haven’t worked with any other students to complete the paper.  The professor has opted to have the class presentations on the day of Celebration, making each student’s individual paper presentation part of the colloquium.

You cannot add any additional students to this form.

As a Group

A mentorr can encourage four or five members of a particular course to form a panel on a particular topic or theme. You will choose to apply as, "Group" if you and at least one other student has worked on a paper that you would like to present during one panel session.  This could be one paper completed by you and the other person(s) OR one panel session with a common theme of which each person will present their own research paper. 

Example 1: 
This paper presentation is one panel session composed of 3 students,  each presenting his/her own paper. Your project: “Food Outlets in Gettysburg”, Sue’s project: “The Future of Sustainability in Gettysburg”, and Tom’s project: “Blueprints for Sustainability in Adams County.”  Your panel or GROUP presentation title is, “Sustainability in Gettysburg” which represents the overall theme of the presentation.  A panel is comprised of up to 4 students.

Example 2: You and a few peers worked on one single paper together and will present this paper as one body of work.

Please note:
The "main presenter" or the first person to register your group presentation will list the names of all students involved.  The students listed will receive an email inviting them to complete the “co-presenter” information.  They should not start a new registration for the same presentation.  The “Co-Presenter” tab will appear when they go to Student Center in  PeopleSoft, Celebration. Every person in the group must go into Student Center and complete his/her portion of the registration to be admitted as a Celebration presenter and considered for Early Bird registration.