Preparing for Registration

As you consider submitting your application for inclusion in Celebration, here are some questions to explore. These can help you decide what direction you'd like to take with your project.

Important dates to remember

1.  Consider Your Topic.
Do you have research or a creative project that you would like to submit? Celebration is open to all Gettysburg students who have done substantive intellectual, creative, or outreach work in any of the following contexts:

  • Independent research with a faculty member
  • Class-wide or group research projects
  • Summer internships involving exploration of a particular question, topic, or social issue/phenomenon
  • Creative work, including studio art and dramatic or musical performance
  • Research conducted while studying abroad, if mentored by a faculty member at the host institution.

2.  Talk to a Potential Faculty Mentor/Sponsor.
Approach the faculty member with whom you did or are doing the work to discuss whether s/he thinks the project would be a good fit for Celebration.  If so, ask if he or she would be willing to serve as your sponsor for the event.

3.  Choose a Format
In consultation with your faculty sponsor, decide which presentation format best showcases your work:  oral presentation, poster session, visual display, or performance.

4.  Submit Your Registration
Craft your project description, and then apply online via Student Center.  

NOTE: This information will be printed as-is in the Celebration Event Program Book that will be make available to student participants, faculty, Trustees, fellow students, the campus community, guests, potential students, and online. Edit carefully.