Getting Started...

What is the focal point of your poster? People only spend 3 - 5 minutes looking at a poster. What is the one idea that you want the viewer to remember?  Make this the theme of the poster. 

Include a statement of the problem, a description of the research methods you used, and your results i.e., your conclusion.

Write an outline for your poster as if you were writing a term paper.  If it helps to visualize, try clustering your ideas in a balloon and then link them in order.  Your goal is to create a road map that will guide the viewer through your project from start to finish.

All posters must be 36" x 48".  Email your PDF document to Ricoh 7 days prior to the event.  They do  not guarantee completion for late submissions. Students are responsible for the printing costs.


Creating a Poster

Design Tips

Templates & Graphics

Research Bibliography

Presenting Your Poster