College Houses for 2016-2017

As the Office of Residential & First-Year Programs continues to advance the College House Program based on assessment data and best practices, the program will transition from two separate programs (Spark and Theme Houses) to one College House Program. Residential & First-Year Programs staff, along with house leaders, house mentors, and involved students, will continue to develop a thriving College House Program where students can gather socially and intellectually.

If you are interested in living and participating in a College House, we encourage you to explore the current Spark Houses. If you are a student, faculty, or staff member interested in developing a new College House related to an academic or college life initiative, please contact Julia Collett, Residential Life Coordinator for Residential & First-Year Programs.

All selection processes are conducted in the spring semester during the months of February and March for the following academic year. College Houses are academically integrated residential options that serve as social and intellectual hubs for students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested learning more about the College Houses or in joining one of these houses next year, please attend the College House Recruitment Fair on Wednesday, February 10th in the CUB Ballroom from 6 – 8 PM. Additionally, you are encouraged to contact the House Leaders listed on the College House directory. If you have any questions, contact Julia Collett, Residential Life Coordinator.

Science House Dinner

College Houses provide a wide range of living options and gives students the opportunity to form self-directed and self-governing groups focused on a particular academic focus. Students establish clear learning outcomes for their group and, through a community agreement, plan how to be engaged participants in their community and the campus community.

College Houses provide:

    • a unique living experience that offers independence
    • a strong sense of community
    • an opportunity to learn about and promote a common interestCivil War Barricade Bash

Goals of College Houses:

  • Unite students around a common interest or discipline
  • Create a community that fosters intellectual and social development
  • Connect faculty and students through formal and informal interactions and gatherings
  • Connect students' in-class learning with their out-of-class experience
  • Enhance the intellectual climate through focused exploration, knowledge exchange, and respectful dialogue

Currently, for 2015-2016, there are two types of College Houses: Spark Houses, which serve as intellectual and social hubs, and Theme Houses, which center around a common interest or cause. As stated above, please note that this structure will change for 2016-2017.  College House Leadership is guided by a collaborative team of students, faculty, and administrators for each community.  The RISE Program is a component of the College House program. Here is a map of where our Spark and Theme Houses are located: