Commencement 2009


TV journalists Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt tell Gettysburg College graduates ‘the future is optimistic’


The duo spoke to 607 graduates May 17 at Gettysburg College's Commencement Exercises, charging them with optimism for the future, despite today’s bleak financial climate.

Judy Woodruff“You are entering the world after college in the worst economic and financial crisis since the Great Depression. Most of you would have to reach back to great-grandparents for a parallel,” said Woodruff. “But whatever the uncertainties, do not be discouraged. You are all too good. Whether from the United States or countries abroad, the graduates of Gettysburg College are in a position to prove the naysayers wrong.” Woodruff's remarks

Hunt followed Woodruff’s remarks by reminding the graduates that out of failure comes much success.

Al Hunt“Try to think of anyone who has achieved something important, something durable, that has not suffered a major failure. Remember that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and Winston Churchill flunked sixth grade,” said Hunt. “To make a difference, to do something big, requires a boldness of aspiration, a willingness to think and act big, to take real risks, which courts failure. The pursuit of a life of excellence is not defined by the fame or the riches you achieve; it is defined by the contribution you make. And if you do that, those inevitable failures as well as the economically challenging times of 2009 will seem a dim and distant past.” Hunt's remarks

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