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Break-Out Sessions

What is a break-out session?

A break-out session is a small (25-35 conference participants) discussion-based session led by one of our conference speakers/experts. Each break-out session has a particular theme or topic, and the speakers encouarge dialogue and discussion with conference participants. These sessions are usually held over the course of a two-hour period, during which a single attendee will participate in two different break-out sessions. Speakers remain in their designated classrooms, and conference attendees switch rooms at the appropriate time (much like changing classes in school!). These sessions are meant to provide close access to our CWI faculty, and provide participants the chance to speak with experts in a smaller venue -- a chance they might not have in a large auditorium.

2014 Civil War Institute Break-Out Sessions

(1) Partisan Rangers: The End of Authorized Guerrilla Service in the Confederacy, Barton Myers (Washington & Lee University)

(2) Picturing War: Doodles & Drawings in Soldiers' Letters, Megan Kate Nelson (Brown University)

(3) 1864: Ebb Tide in Gettysburg, John Rudy (Gettysburg College)

(4) Mapping Memory: Digitizing Sherman's March, Anne Sarah Rubin (President - Society of Civil War Historians)

(5) "Lee to the Rear": The Texas Brigade, Robert E. Lee, and the Chances for Confederate Victory in 1864, Susannah Ural (University of Southern Mississippi)

(6) "And So The Murderous Work Went On": 1864 Frontal Assaults, Jennifer Murray (University of Virginia at Wise)

(7) One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Making Sense of the Military Prison Crisis of 1864, Eric Leonard (Andersonville National Historic Site)

(8) Crisis in Command: Union and Confederate Leadership Challenges in the Wilderness Campaign, Christian Keller (U.S. Army War College)


(9) Re-Thinking Confederate Defeat in the Summer of 1864, Kevin Levin (Gann Academy & Civil War Memory)

(10) Old Litchfield's Best Sons: The Relationship Between a Connecticut Town and Its Regiment, Pete Vermilyea (Civil War Institute)

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