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Part 5: Experiencing College Life

"Being able to experience the college life has been so rewarding.  I feel as if by coming to Gettysburg I am a step ahead and know what to expect when I go to college. The freedom, responsibility, how lectures are in college, as well as how interacting with fellow classmates and roommates can be in college, were all something I learned by spending one week in Gettysburg College." - Student from Bergenfield, NJ

"The experience at the Civil War Institute is very similar to how college life will be when I go to college.  I have to admit that it is very different than living at home.  When I arrived here I was put at ease a little bit when I was told that the dining hall food is considered some of the best college food in the country.  It has been a little different living in a dorm room rather than in my own room but that is something to expect when being in a college situation." - Student from Fort Wayne, IN  

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