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Part 7: The CWI

"This week I have experienced a culmination of Lincoln experiences that are truly a life time. Meeting people, authors, and speakers who are so passionate about their views on Lincoln makes me understand the importance of not only Lincoln, but great presidents of our past.  I had the unparalleled opportunity to ask questions of renowned authors and meet one on one with some of the greatest Lincoln scholars of our time." - Student from Washington's Crossing, PA

"Another wonderful thing about this institute was the chance that I had to meet so many great people and make so many new friends in just a week. I have loved getting to know the other scholarship kids. Even though none of us had ever met before we were able to make enduring friendships in just the short span of a week. I had such a great time with these kids and I really enjoyed spending tons of time with them." - Student from Gaithersburg, MD

CWI Summary"After an intense week of lectures, discussions, and tours I possess far more knowledge and appreciation of the Civil War.  I used to be a Lincoln skeptic, but after a week dedicated to the man I grew to appreciate his actions further than I could have imagined.  I still believe George Washington is the greatest president in American history, but Abraham Lincoln is much closer than he was prior to this week.  All in all I am very grateful for my opportunity to soak up this vast spectrum of knowledge.  I am so thankful for the kindness and generosity bestowed upon me by my donors; for Gabor Boritt and all the work he does, not forgetting to mention how wonderful he treated all of us scholarship kids when he was around us; for Pete and Tori who guided and assured a comfortable and enjoyable week; and for everyone else who made this week a success." - Student from Omaha, NE

"As for Lincoln, this week has brought him to life for me. I came here with little opinion of him besides my light admiration for his actions that I knew of. Now I have come to see better that he was the right man for his time as president. I have learned of what formed him to be this great man and have discovered what he believed. His actions now appear before me as an example, particularly in his constant search for knowledge and his willingness to take unpopular stand because he knew they were right. I am very grateful for being given this chance to learn more about Lincoln. This week has spurred me to study more about Lincoln, Gettysburg and the Civil War in general. In addition, this week has encouraged me to work to make my contemporaries aware of the lessons and application that this time period presents." - Student from Springfield, OH   

"The week has been quite the experience. I've made friends that I hope I will keep in touch with for years to come. I've learned about not only Lincoln and the Civil War, but scholarship in general. I've discovered new areas and aspects of the Civil War I would like to explore further. I also learned how quickly nicknames stick. We collectively learned that it's a really bad idea to bid on things at the Raffle/Auction thinking that it's going to go a lot higher. I've been part of a whole ballroom of people with a common purpose and a common love, which is a remarkable feeling. In summary, CWI has changed my life. It's as simple as that." - Student from Hanover, PAStudents in the Ballroom

"My final thoughts on Lincoln are that he is a man with unparalleled vision and strength. His strategy for emancipation was brilliant, and he was surprisingly adept as a commander in chief. My final thoughts on the CWI are that I had fun, made friends, and learned from some of the best scholars the world has to offer. I recommend the institute to anyone who displays even a casual interest in American History." - Student from Rumford, RI

"My final thought of the program at the Civil War institute is that it is a meaningful and intellectual way for people who are interested on the Civil War to experience and learn about the people and battles that were fought to preserve the Union and provide freedom for all the slaves across the country. The scholars that attend the seminars are some of the most intellectual minds on the Civil War and are prepared to answer any question that covers their research. The Battlefield tours are a wonderful way to learn and experience what the soldiers were experiencing on the day of the battle. The dorm experience has opened my eyes to what it will be like to be staying in a dorm with others. Although I did not know any of my roommates we have all become friends and it is a shame that the week flew by and that we will be going our separate ways after tomorrow's breakfast. " - Student from Brewster, NY  

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