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Part 6: Visiting the Battlefield

"Being on the battlefield of Gettysburg was an awesome experience. Seeing the terrain where Pickett's Charge had taken place, where the skirmishers had fought in the woods, where you knew people had given their lives in defense of their cause was amazing. Walking with detailed tour guides you were allowed to piece together your learning with first-hand accounts to build your own ideas of what Gettysburg meant." - Student from Meriden, New Hampshire

Visiting The Battlefield Resize"On the battlefield I developed a greater sense of the events that I have read about.  Especially after reading the Killer Angels it was amazing to know what transpired a few centuries ago on the very ground I walked.  Personally visiting the battlefields and paying homage to the fallen helped me greater appreciate the sacrifice so many men have made and continue to make for the ideals of freedom we hold so dear to our nation's fabric." Student from Omaha, NE

"I spend a lot of my time on the battlefield at Gettysburg. So the basic tour and Lincoln in Gettysburg tours were really nothing new to me. What was new to me was Lost Avenue. It's a place that I'd only heard about in whispers until now. I can't claim to enjoy walking through grass that is higher than my knees while going uphill both ways, but I do enjoy seeing things preserved. It was interesting to see an area that is very close to what it was like in 1863 and the knowledge that few people ever make it back to Lost Avenue made it an even more exciting moment." - Student from Hanover, PA Visitor's Center

"The battlefield of Gettysburg can stir the heart like few other places in the world. As Joshua Chamberlain said "in great deeds something abides" the battlefield is a monument to great deeds. The experience of walking the fields where thousands gave up their lives on the altar of their nation is amazing. The sight of weather beaten but glorious monuments conjures images of the battle. As the wind blows in your face you can almost imagine the gallant ranks of blue and gray marching to infamy. They have secured their destiny and standing on those fields causes something inside you to wonder what your place will be." - Student from Harveys Lake, PA

"The battlefield tours were really fun. I especially liked the tour guide who filled every fact about the battle with complete detail. I also like the fact that we were allowed to step out of the bus onto the actual battlefield and imagine the fighting that took place on that ground nearly 145 years ago." - Student from Shaker Heights, OH  

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