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Public History Brought to Life

Students in Professor Carmichael's Introduction to Public History class recently completed walking tour podcasts.  The goal of each group was to explore how different people can attach radically different meanings to the same historical place.  "The 1913 Gettysburg Reunion tries to explore how the battlefield was not only the sight of fighting but of a reunion of combatants, most of whom had radically different visions of the Civil War, and of unrealized African American social and political advancement in the war's aftermath.  One of the greatest challenges for our group was simply trying to create a visual image of what was happening in Gettysburg 1913.  Although most of the reunion's activities took place on the battlefield and thus on ground that was sure to be preserved, no physical evidence of the massive reunion remains."  Brian Johnson '14

"The podcast project was a true example of learning the practice of public history from the inside out.  We were, by intention and design, faced with a great challenge, especially at the undergraduate level.  In addition to mastering material and information for the podcast content, we had to juggle the schedules and personalities of our group members, knowing that individual efforts would reflect on the entire group." Mary Roll '12

From Behind the Lines of Retreat: Pennsylvania College During the Battle of Gettysburg

A Sharpshooter's Tale: How Photography Distorted History at Devil's Den

Behind the Bunting: The 1913 Gettysburg Reunion

From Guns to Ginsburg: Gettysburg College In The 1960s

Campus 1962
Devils Den
1913 reunion
Gettysburg Campus 1960s


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300 North Washington St.
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