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Carmichael to Speak at the 2018 American Civil War Museum Symposium

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CWI Director Peter Carmichael will headline the American Civil War Museum’s 2018 symposium, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times, on Saturday, February 24. Co-sponsored by University of Virginia’s Nau Center for Civil War History, the event will be held at the Library of Virginia on Saturday, February 24. Carmichael’s talk, “Will the Real Common Civil War Soldier Stand Up,” will provide a preview of his forthcoming book The War for the Common Soldier (UNC Press, 2018), exploring how “ordinary” soldiers understood the war through emotion, thought, and action, and how these understandings impacted their responses to military authority. Registration for the symposium is still open; get tickets today!

On Friday, January 26, Carmichael presented "I am all most sick all the time and half crazy;” The fate of a Confederate deserter after Gettysburg, at the Central Rappahannock Public Library, Fredericksburg Branch. The talk was co-sponsored by Stratford Hall, and revolved around the experiences (and the words he chose to share those experiences) of North Carolina's John Futch. Futch's powerful story puts audiences in the shoes of a deserter, enabling 21st-century Americans to see his world as he imagined it after the devastating defeat in Pennsylvania. Post-talk, Carmichael recorded a podcast for Amerikan Rambler with Colin Woodward.



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