The following tips and tricks will help you navigate the 25LIVE site and enable you to tailor your site to meet your needs and preferences. To ensure the best experience, we suggest that you log into the 25Live site before searching for events or creating event requests.

Set your home preferences

Home has two options: dashboard and calendar. Dashboard is the recommend default. 25Live is a "sticky" web application, meaning that it remembers your settings and views from your last visit.

Set your time frame preference the first time you login to 25Live

Users can select the Date/Time Preferences option under their sign-in username in the 25Live header to set their personal preferences for start day of the week, availability view display hours (daily time range), and date/time display in event calendars, location and resource availability grids, and so on. To set your preferences, click on the blue arrow next to your name, and then click Date/Time Preferences from the drop down box.

Use Quick Search on the 25Live homepage to view events and/or locations

The Calendar tab on the home page allows you to view a variety of campus calendars using the drop down lists.

This is useful when planning an event to see what you might be competing against.

You can change the date and/or time frames as desired by clicking on the Date range displayed at the top of the calendar.

You have two options when using the Quick Search box:

Option A: You can search for events by entering the name of the event in the “Search Events” space and clicking “Go.” Click on the event name to see the event details.

Option B: You can search for locations by entering the name of the building and/or room in the “Search Locations” space and clicking “Go.”

A grid calendar will be displayed for the default time frame of one week starting from today. You can change the date range and/or time frame by clicking on the Date range displayed at the top of the calendar.

Click on any event name to see the details for an event, or click on the space name to see details for a given location.

If wanting help:

Copy an event request

Once you submit your request, the option to copy your event appears. This can be helpful if you need similar events scheduled at same time. Click on the copy icon to proceed with copying your event.

Use the “Public Searches” search grouping to search for event locations

A grouping of “public searches” was created to make your search for event space easier. Public searches include athletic facilities, computer labs, classrooms, and many more.

To access this grouping, click on the “Locations” tab and then click on the “Your Location Searches” tab. Click on the last option in the Search Groupings box, which is titled “Public Searches.” The box to the right will then populate a list of locations.

View information about a location

If you would like to view information about a location (ex. audiovisual equipment, photos, etc.) right click on the location’s name and select Details from the "Choose a View Option."

The location’s features, attributes, and photo will be displayed. You may have to click on the camera icon to display the photo per your computer/browser settings.

Change your date range

In most cases, the date search defaults to a duration of one week from the current day. You can click on the blue text in the Dates box to change the range.

A new window will open that displays two calendars.

You can click the box next to “Enforce a Date Range Interval of” and change the range using the list from the dropdown menu. You can click on dates in each calendar (Start Date, End Date). Scroll through the calendar using the <<, >>, <, > symbols. Be sure to un-check the box next to “Enforce a Date Range Interval of.” Note: You can only view a maximum range of 90 days, but when requesting an event your date range is not limited to 90 days.

You can click on the blue “Select Today” text underneath the End Date calendar to select events listed for the current day.

Check the availability of a space and then submit an event request

When checking the availability of a space using the calendar view, click on the pencil that appears in the open time frame on the grid. The event wizard will open and you can proceed with entering your event request.

Check the status of your event request

Click on the Events tab from your 25Live homepage and then click on the Your Event Searches tab. Select Pre-Defined Groups from the box on the left and then Events You Have Requested from the box on the right. Click on your event title to view the related details.