Academic program

Average class size

Gettysburg has an average class size of 18. Close to 20% of class sections have fewer than 10 students enrolled.

Student-faculty ratio

Student-faculty ratio has been 10 to 1 for years.

Degrees granted by departments

During the 2012-2013 academic year, a total of 739 degrees were awarded to 639 students (99 of whom had double majors). Most popular majors are: Organization & Management Studies, Political Science, History, English, Health Sciences, Psychology, Economics, Environmental Studies, and Biology.

Internship participation rates

Approximately 67% of 2013 graduates completed an internship (paid or unpaid, for academic credit or non-credit) during their undergraduate program, enriching their academic learning and gaining valuable work experience. The participation rate has been increasing over the years.

Percent of students who studied abroad

56% of the Class of 2013 graduates (who entered the College in Fall 2009) studied abroad for a semester or an academic year, enriching their academic learning and developing a sense of global citizenship.

Participation in research

Approximately 55% of 2013 graduates worked with faculty on research during their undergraduate career at Gettysburg.