Fact Book

Starting from the 2016-17 academic year, hard copies of the Fact Book are no longer provided. In the course of a year, frequent updates are made to the on-line version as new information becomes available, mostly during the summer and after the fall census date.

Use the College network (i. e., Gettysburg Email account) username and password to:

           Log into Gettysburg College Fact Book

Information in the Fact Book falls into the following categories:

  • General Information (Mission Statement; President's Council; Organizational Chart; Councils & Committees; Board of Trustees; College Profile & Historical Overview; Facts in Brief)
  • Academic Support (Library; Computing Facilities; For-Credit Internships by Department; Participation in high-Impact Learning Experiences)
  • Faculty, Department, Program Information, and Personnel (Faculty Positions by Department, Gender & Rank; Class Sessions by Department; Full-Time Faculty: Gender, Degree, Rank, Compensation & Start Year; Full-Time Faculty Profile; Ethnic Affiliations of Personnel; Campus Diversity Historical Trends)
  • Admissions, First-year Students, and Financial Aid (Acceptance Rate & Yield; Geographical Distribution; Anticipated Majors; Family Income; First-Generation Students; Financial Aid Summary Data)
  • Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation (Enrollment; Retention & Graduation Rates Trends & Peer Comparisons; Graduation Rates by Gender & Race/Ethnicity; First-year Retention Rates by Gender & Race/Ethnicity; First-year Retention and Graduation Rates for Pell Grant Recipients; Attrition Patterns)
  • Student Demographic Information (Geographical Distribution; Religious & Racial/Ethnic Backgrounds; Growth in International and Domestic Diversity of Student Body)
  • Student Information: Curricular & Co-Curricular (Degrees & Minors Awarded; Teacher Certification; Greek Social Organizations & Membership; Intercollegiate Sports, Records, & Participation)
  • Alumni (Employment; Graduate School Attendance; Career Areas; Geographic Distribution; Alumni of Distinction; Alumni Who Received Research Doctorates) 
  • Financial Information (Cost of Attendance; Gift Revenues; Endowment and Property, Plant, & Equipment; Revenues & Expenses)
  • College Facilities

Select data in the Fact Book are also highlighted on the Facts & Figures website. The Office of Institutional Analysis compiles the Fact Book based on data provided by various offices on campus. The data source is noted on each table. We appreciate the efforts of all data providers.