FFL 2016-17 Schedule

Noon - January 27  (CUB 260) Brian Meier, Professor of Psychology - “It’s Natural so it must be Okay”: An Examination of Natural vs. Synthetic Drug Preferences

Noon - February 3  (CUB 260) Eric Remy, Director of Instructional Technology , Educational Technology - Make your own Legos- at 30 minutes a brick

Noon - February 17  (CUB 260) David Walsh, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies - Water Protectors and Oil Pipelines: The Stand at Standing Rock

Noon - February 24  (CUB 260) M. Sijapati, D. Stebick, and L. Thompson - Academic Technology Fellows Reflections

Noon - March 3  (CUB 260) Wendy Piniak, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies - Can you hear me now? Developing acoustic deterrent devices to reduce sea turtle bycatch in gillnet fisheries

Noon - March 10  (CUB 260) Junjie Luo, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies - Traditional Chinese Fiction in the Age of Globalization

Noon - March 24  (CUB 260) Abou Bamba, Associate Professor of Africana Studies & History - Marketing an African Miracle: The Public Sphere and the Selling of Ivorian Capitalism, 1960-2010

Noon - April 28  (CUB 260) John Commito, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies - Art, Science, and Renewal in Retirement