Noon August 31  (CUB 260) Sahana Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of Psychology - An intersectional approach to social change: When subordinate-group identity in one domain enhances privilege recognition on another

Noon September 7  (CUB 260) Charles F. Emmons, Professor of Sociology - Spiritual and Paranormal Frames in Alternative Medicine

Noon September 14  (CUB 260) Laurence Marschall, Professor of Physics, Emeritus - TINY BIT OF SHAKIN’ GOIN’ ON: Gravitational Waves and the Universe

Noon September 28  (CUB 260) James Udden, Professor of Cinema & Media Studies - Coming Soon to a Chinese Theater Near You: Why China Matters Even to Hollywood

Noon October 5  (CUB 260) Farah Ali, - “Gendered Identity and Investment in Language Learning A Case Study of Heritage Spanish Speakers”

Noon October 12  (CUB 260) V. Cucuzza, Violence Prevention Coordinator; B. Lafferty, Assist. V. P. of College Life; Jessica Ritter, Victim Services Advocate of Survivors Inc. - “Supporting Students who Disclose Violence”

Noon October 19  (CUB 260) C. Barnes, Scholarly Communications Librarian; J. Wertzberger, Assistant Dean, Musselman Library - Open and Affordable Textbooks - Benefits for Learning and Teaching

Noon October 26  (CUB 260) Kathy Berenson, Assistant Professor of Psychology - Confident and Chill: Effortlessly perfect self-presentation as a 21st century mental health risk

Noon November 2  (CUB 260) Robin Wagner, Dean of the Library - Billabong Riders, Kangaroo Hunters, and Faithful Georgie: The depiction of aboriginal Australians in juvenile fiction

Noon November 9  (CUB 260) Paturaja Selvaraj, Assistant Professor of Mathematics - TBA

Noon November 16  (CUB 260) Alice Brawley, Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Studies - How to manage the (legally) unmanageable: Researching gig workers

Noon November 30  (CUB 260) Douglas Page, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science - How Modernity “Went Medieval”: The Political Origins of Citizenship and Homophobia