Sources to Consult When Seeking Copyright Owners

  • Ownership information appearing on the face of or inside the item, particularly in the copyright notice
  • Internet search engines
  • Online telephone directories and address directories
  • Print telephone directories when the owner's geographical location is known
  • Databases of trade associations or professional groups
  • Archives or special collections containing the creators' works; print and electronic resources that identify archives
  • Copyright Office records
  • Other online databases listing or collecting creative content
  • Individuals involved in creation of the work (even if they are not owners).
  • Collective Rights Organizations (Harper, UT Austin) -- Describes organizations and agencies that manage rights or help identify or locate copyright owners.
  • For musical works and performance rights organizations' databases, see Music.
  • For art and other images, see Images.
  • Trademark research services available through commercial vendors such as Thomson-CompuMark or CT Corsearch. (Note: the UConn Libraries do not subscribe to these resources.)

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