Teaching Online

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Fair Use and Teaching Online

Fair use is medium-neutral; it applies to the use of both print and digital content alike. If you would like to make excerpts from journals, textbooks, and various other sources available online at your Moodle course site, you will want to consider whether that use is a fair use.

Fair use is determined by the results of understanding and weighing the four factors of fair use. You will need to conduct a four-factor fair use analysis for each work you want to use--each journal article, each textbook section, and any other work you wish to include on the class Moodle site. The result may be mixed and fair use might apply to some works while others may require permission from the rights owner for inclusion on the class website. Keep in mind also that certain restrictions on access to the work may impact the outcome of your analysis.

Note on Library Resources: if an article is obtained from Musselman Library's licensed electronic resources, it may be protected by a license agreement. Before posting a PDF of an article obtained from the library, you need to understand the rules for use contained in the license agreement between the publisher and Musselman Library. Often, the license agreements do not allow copying of PDF files and reposting them to a class web site or Moodle site. However, in some cases you can make articles available to students from a course web page through a direct link.