Library Liaison Program

The goal of the Librarian-Faculty Liaison Program is to foster communication and cooperation between Musselman Library staff and Gettysburg College faculty. Each academic department has an opportunity to select a faculty liaison to work with the library. In turn, a librarian is assigned to work with each academic department, its faculty, and students. Successful communication and cooperation by librarians and faculty alike have a direct and positive impact on library collections and services.

The Importance of the Faculty Liaison

  • Choosing a liaison is very important for providing input to the library's collection development, reference services, the instruction program, and other library services and activities. The liaison can have direct and significant impact on what the library selects to support the Gettysburg College curriculum and the services the library provides to the Gettysburg College community.
  • The liaison can be as involved or uninvolved as he/she chooses to be but more input definitely reflects positively on the library's collections and services.
  • The liaison should represent all interests of the department.
  • The liaison should be able to make suggestions for the acquisition of materials that support undergraduate student needs as well as faculty interests.

Specific Ways Faculty Liaisons Can Be Involved

  • Reviewing newly available books and multimedia resources.
  • Suggesting new journals, databases, and research collections.
  • Providing feedback during database trials.
  • Recommending library acquisitions in specific or new subject areas.
  • Serving as conduits of information, especially for program reviews, accreditation reports, departmental initiatives, and new course or degree proposals.
  • Serving as a contact for the librarian liaison to help disseminate information regarding the library's goals, programs, and services to the faculty and students.  
  • Being an advocate for the library within the department and the academic community.

The Purpose of the Librarian Liaison

  • Annually, librarian liaisons are assigned to academic departments or programs for which they serve, in effect, as ¿ambassadors¿ for the library to the Gettysburg College academic community.
  • Librarian liaisons often serve as the primary communication and service link between the library and the academic departments and their faculty and students.
  • Librarian liaisons assist with the development, management, evaluation, and promotion of the collections in assigned subject areas. Liaisons assist with all collection formats, including books, journals, electronic or digital materials, and audiovisual/multimedia resources, among others.
  • The librarian liaison may also provide specialized services, including reference consultation and information literacy instruction, to assigned departments and programs.

Specific Ways Librarian Liaisons Can Assist Academic Departments

  • Keeping in touch with faculty members and students in order to learn more about academic program needs.
  • Being an advocate within the library for the department's curricular needs.
  • Keeping faculty informed about library issues, such as budgets, ordering, space, events, new resources, and more.
  • Assisting departments in the preparation of reports used for self-studies or accreditation.
  • Assisting faculty with ordering materials for the library and monitoring the department's budget allocation.
  • Taking a lead in selecting library resources in all formats that support the department's academic goals and curricular needs.