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Information Literacy at Gettysburg College

Information Literacy at Musselman Library

Information Literacy in the Gettysburg College Curriculum 

Librarians at Gettysburg College are committed to fostering student learning. We maintain a special interest in the Effective Communication segment of the curriculum, which states that "Gettysburg College students should develop proficiency in the skills of writing, reading, and utilizing electronic media. Further, students should be able to articulate questions clearly, identify and gain access to appropriate information, construct cogent arguments, and engage in intellectual and artistic expression" (Gettysburg College). Librarians are uniquely positioned to support the cultivation of "information literate" students.

Information Literacy Learning Goals (PDF)

Librarians at Gettysburg have developed local IL student learning outcomes, which are informed by the Association of College & Research Libraries' (ACRL)  Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Discipline-Specific Information Literacy Standards 

ACRL has created discipline-specific information literacy standards in many areas, including:

full resource list on information literacy in the disciplines is available from the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Information Literacy Program Foundations

  • Student learning goals for information literacy are interconnected with the College's curricular goals.
  • Information literacy is an integral part of academic and everyday life research.
  • Information literacy instruction and any subsequent activity must help to realize faculty learning goals at the course and department levels.
  • Students should be given sequential opportunities to learn new information literacy habits, to practice them, to reinforce them, and ultimately to master them.
  • Above all, we emphasize the teaching of concepts over skills as a means to achieve our mission of educating information literate lifelong learners.

Thanks to Wartburg College for permitting us to use and modify their mission statement.

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