For each gift of $50 to the Honor with Books Fund, the library will place a bookplate with your special message in a new book. The honored party will receive a copy of the bookplate with a letter informing them of your thoughtfulness.

The Honor with Books program is a great way to:

  • Celebrate . . . a birthday or special event
  • Rejoice . . . in a graduation, wedding, or birth
  • Memorialize . . . a beloved relative or friend
  • Recognize . . . a current student or graduate
  • Thank . . . a favorite professor, colleague, or mentor
  • Support . . . Gettysburg College Library

How to Give

Give Online (Credit card and personal checks accepted)

Give by Mail (Personal checks accepted)

Honor with Books - Cupola BookplateHonor with Books - Gargoyle BookplateHonor with Books - Glatfelter BookplateHonor with Books - Kline Bookplate

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