Musselman Library Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

Musselman Library is committed to creating, through our learning spaces, programs, services, collections, and policies, an environment that supports, values, and respects everyone in the Gettysburg College community. At Gettysburg, diversity includes but is not limited to age, country of origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, geography, learning differences, political beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic level.

We are working with purpose to:

  • cultivate a safe, welcoming space and provide excellent service for all students, employees, community members, and visitors
  • collect materials that represent a plurality of viewpoints
  • strengthen discovery systems so that all viewpoints are findable
  • facilitate diverse programs and exhibits that contribute to a positive campus climate
  • enhance the intercultural competence of all library employees (including student employees) through ongoing learning opportunities
  • improve diversity among library employees at all levels in order to create a more inclusive library experience for our users
  • build partnerships and share information with campus offices and student groups that are committed to diversity and inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee, established in 2016, provides leadership and guidance on issues relating to diversity and inclusion at Musselman Library. Our position is rooted in Gettysburg College’s mission as well as the American Library Association’s Core Values of Librarianship.

The committee is currently working on an Inclusion Action Plan based on the above statement. Related initiatives already in progress include:

  • #GBCTalks - book-based discussion program designed to facilitate conversation about difficult issues in the Gettysburg College community
  • LGBTQ guide - student-created research guide dedicated to LGBTQA resources at Musselman Library
  • Literature & Justice guide - student-led discussion series at the Women's and LGBTQA Resource Center
  • Race & Diversity guide -  student-created research guide focused on racial diversity (created following the January 2016 Town Hall meeting)

Do you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas about our Diversity and Inclusion Statement? Fill out this feedback form to share your thoughts with the committee.

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