Recent Graduate Interns

Margaret Garnett

Margaret GarnettUniversity of Maryland Graduate Intern, Spring 2014
Internship: Special Collections

Major internship projects: Meg’s internship goals included refining her rare book cataloging skills, gaining hands on experience with rare books and manuscripts, and developing a workflow for conservation assessment and treatment. She completed a conservation assessment and full treatment of our 1861 West Point photograph album. She also developed a form to record binding descriptions to be added to rare book records. This form later developed into a binding description project that produced The Beauty of the Book GettDigital Collection.

Faythe Grace

Faythe GraceClarion University Graduate Intern, Fall 2014
Internship: Special Collections

Major internship projects: Faythe contributed to the Music at Gettysburg College GettDigital Collection  by inventorying, evaluating, describing, and digitizing LPs of music recording and spoken words. She enhanced cataloging for College music recordings and added metadata to GettDigital in order to improve description of the history of Gettysburg music ensembles. She also scanned covers to create preservation and access files.

In addition, Faythe processed and created a finding aid for the Lena and Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh ’13 Papers.

Nedja Wallace

Nedja WallaceDrexel University Graduate Intern, Fall 2014
Internship: Special Collections

Major internship projects: Nedja transcribed and annotated 900 pages of letters that describe Louisa Augusta Webb’s mid-nineteenth century European travels. The letters were written between 1862 and 1868 and sent to aunts in England.

Meghan Kelly

Syracuse Universtiy Graduate Intern, Fall 2013
Internship: Instruction

Major internship projects: Read and discussed articles related to student learning, information literacy and instruction.  Observed several information literacy sessions taught by librarians, drafted a personal teaching philosophy, and co-taught 16 sessions alongside librarians.

Sarah Myers

Clarion University Graduate Intern, Fall 2013
Internship: Reference

Major internship projects:  Worked at the reference desk, conducted one-on-one research appointments, and participated in assessment of the reference collection with librarians.  Shared some of her experiences on “Blogging the Library” along with other interns.

 Kaitlyn Lyons

KLyonsUniversity of Pittsburgh Intern, Spring 2012
Internship: Special Collections

Major internship projects: The first three months of the project were spent preparing to create a digital collection of the pamphlets held in Special Collections. This involved inventorying the items, searching for digital versions, enhancing the catalog for items, and determining if the item was a good candidate for digitization. The next step was to create metadata spreadsheets for each item and to carefully can the pamphlets. I then uploaded the pamphlets to ContentDM where the collection is available online.

Comments: "When I decided to do a field placement I wanted to learn about something in the library I've never done before and Special Collections was that place for me. Working in Special Collections opened a whole new world for me and solidified my understanding of metadata and digital preservation. I learned so much about cataloging from Carolyn and the digitization process from Catherine. They are great teachers. I also learned a lot from the pamphlets themselves and am excited to have a part in preserving them and helping make them more accessible. I am thankful for such a great opportunity."

Devin McKinney

Devin McKinneyQueens College/CUNY Graduate Intern, Spring 2012
Special Collections

Major internship projects: I spent most of my time on the processing of two collections- the Samuel E. and Clara Turner Papers, a set of letters written by a Baltimore couple during the Civil War; and the Anita Faller Alford Collection, the wartime memorabilia of a Gettysburg resident who served in the Army Nurse Corps in World War II. For each, I organized, arranged, and described the materials, and produced both an online finding aid and accompanying historical-biographical notes. I also sat in on staff meetings and observed client interactions; had hands-on instruction in aspects of archival conservation and preservation; got insight into such practical details as cataloging, space allocation, and budget; and generally witnessed many of the day-to-day exigencies of administering an in-demand archive.

Comments: "I couldn't have found a better site for my internship. The materials are fascinating, the projects challenging, the atmosphere supportive, the results rewarding. The staff is altogether exceptional; I am especially grateful to Carolyn and Christine for being such enthusiastic supporters and generous teachers. The space is beautiful and comfortable, conducive to research and intellectual pursuit. It is the model of what an archive ought to be, and to work here is a great privilege."

Kathryn Martin

Kathryn MartinUniversity of Pittsburgh Intern, Fall 2011
Internship: Reference Department

Major internship projects: Worked at the reference desk; observed a number of course-related information literacy instruction sessions; participated in the fall instruction workshop; added information to LibGuides on African-American Newspapers, PA Newspapers and Gettysburg newspapers; helped in the assessment of the library’s print reference collection; arranged/developed a collection for a main floor book display on the topic of Diet & Exercise; participated in student usability testing. 

Comments: "My internship in the Reference Department was a great experience. I was able to put my reference training to the test by working directly with students and patrons to help them with their research needs. I was also able to gain valuable experience in other areas such as information literacy instruction, collection development, user services, and research guide development. I feel that my graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh gave me a great foundation for reference librarianship, but the internship at Musselman Library gave me the real skills and experience I’ll need working at an academic library. The mentoring and guidance the reference staff provided was extremely helpful as well."

Howard A. Hamme

Howard HammeSyracuse University Intern, Summer 2007
Internship: Special Collections

Major internship projects: The majority of the summer was spent processing two collections: the papers of the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity and the papers of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. This process included organizing, preserving and creating a finding aid for the collection. Parts of these collections date to the mid 19th century, which means these collections were fairly large and diverse.

Comments: "This was a great learning opportunity and a fantastic introduction to the archiving world. At each step, I was actively participating in the process: from picking up boxes at Miller Hall straight through to creating the finding aid. Though processing fraternity papers, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about Gettysburg College and some its distinguished alumni. History has always been an interest of mine and these projects were a great way to indulge that side of myself. My thanks go to Karen, Christine and Catherine for their help and guidance over the summer.

Meggan Smith

 University of Pittsburgh Intern, summer 2006
Internship: Collection Development 

Major internship projects: Evaluating materials for selection based on reviews and approval slips; creating lists of titles for selections from Choice Reviews Online and making recommendations for the purchase of materials in Latino Studies; researching and drafting a policy statement for the library's media collection, specifically its video and DVD collection; and creating an electronic resource cost spreadsheet for the library's databases.

Comments: "My internship in Collection Development was a wonderful opportunity to learn about a department in the library that I have never worked in before. I learned many things from my supervisor, including how to juggle many tasks at once. Amid the constant hustle and bustle, I discovered that I absolutely love the variety of work involved in collection development!"

Erin Glover

 University of Pittsburgh Intern, summer 2006
Internship: Music

Major internship projects: Library exhibit History of Music at Gettysburg College (research and design); Podcast and website related to physical exhibit (preliminary design); 125-source annotated bibliography Music Reference Resources in Musselman Library; 45 minute presentation of bibliography to librarian staff; Reference desk training (five days).

Comments: "I am very grateful for the opportunity to complete my internship at Musselman library. The professional, caring staff at this library made my experience a unique opportunity to ask questions and participate in many different departments. Through the projects I worked on for Tim Sestrick, I learned about the academic library environment and the different jobs that are performed here. I was also able to spend time using and learning about the extensive and impressive library collection. This library is a wonderful combination of great people and great resources."

Barb Schuit

 University of Pittsburgh Intern, fall 2006
Internship: Special Collections

Major internship projects: I concentrated in three areas. First, I was introduced to how the Finding Aids are developed for each collection. More than just the method of processing, I learned about the relative merits of each collection and how decisions are made as to their acquisition. Secondly, I was shown how to preserve scrapbooks. I learned some of the basics of taking the old scrapbooks apart, scanning the pages, removing the photos and other items from the original pages and re-mounting them on archival-quality pages. There were many interesting photographs and memorabilia from the early 1920's, as well as choir tour photos from the mid-1970s. Finally, I assisted with an online digital collection project by doing metadata research. This primarily involved identifying people in group photos in the college yearbooks from the late 1800's - 1930's.

Comments: "I have worked in public libraries for the last six years. Prior to this time, I had no knowledge whatsoever of archives and special collections, except to think of them as "old stuff." My experience in the Archives and Special Collections has been very valuable. It has taught me some basic skills and has given me a glimpse of what that branch of librarianship is all about. But mostly it has given me a huge amount of respect for the complex skills needed to be an archivist, as well as the kinds of equipment, tools, supplies, and funding needed to properly protect and preserve these valuable archival materials. In addition to the purely skill-related activities, it has been fun to see some of the very cool "stuff" that is housed in the Archives - papers of the famous author Jerry Spinelli, photos and hand-written cards and letters of the Eisenhower Family, and correspondence of Civil War soldiers, to name a few."