Room 14 Use Policy


Library 014 is the library’s classroom. Priority use is given to library staff who are teaching information literacy sessions for students.  When the room is not reserved for a library class or presentation, it is an open student computer lab.  As a lower priority, the room may be used for occasional academic use.  A daily schedule for the room is posted each weekday morning just outside the door.


Faculty members who are interested in using the space for ad hoc use (i.e., a single class meeting) may schedule via the library's administrative assistant, Rebecca Strevig (x6604).  Reservations made more than 2 weeks in advance are tentative until 2 weeks from the scheduled date. If the room is needed for library instruction, you will be notified that your tentative reservation is being cancelled.  Scheduling must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Room 014 is not to be utilized as a regular classroom and is not schedulable by the Registrar or via R25.

Furniture & Technology

The room contains an instructor podium with computer, a projector, and 29 computer stations, a sound system, DVD player, and white boards.  

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