Room 18 Use Policy


Library 018 (formerly known as the Library Media Theater) is designed to be used by the staff of Musselman Library and Information Technology's Instructional Technology & Training (ITT) department for meetings, presentations, training, information literacy instruction, faculty development, and supported experimental teaching modules. Room 018 is a "private" space; it is not publicly schedulable and is not included in the R25 campus reservation system.

As a lower priority, the room may be used for occasional academic use. Faculty members who are interested in using the space for ad hoc use (i.e., a single class meeting) may schedule via the library's administrative assistant. Reservations may be made no more than 2 weeks in advance. Room 018 is not to be utilized as a regular classroom and is not schedulable by the Registrar.

Room 018 is not available for film showings.  Faculty wishing to schedule film showings should consult the listing of enhanced classrooms on the IT website to identify other appropriate venues for screening films, and request reservations via the R25 scheduling system. New R25 users may contact Cathy Zarrella (337-6302 or for account setup and training.  A number of auditoriums with high definition or Blu-ray playback equipment are also available on campus; contact Cathy Zarrella for information about reserving these.

Furniture & Technology

Library 018 contains 15 Hurry Up! tables with flip tops. The tabletops can be flipped into a vertical position, and the folded tables nest for compact storage. These tables are on castors and can be arranged in several ways to accommodate a variety of needs. The room also contains 30 chairs that can fold, roll, and nest.

The room also contains a media podium with "one touch" controls that have been adopted as the campus standard as of 2006. The networked computer is connected to a ceiling-mounted projector. The podium houses a VCR and DVD player. Both are connected to the room's sound system.

A Symposium presentation system is also installed. The computer monitor doubles as an interactive pen display. Presenters can write over slides in digital ink, save notes, access any website or multimedia file, and project work onto a large screen. The technology is similar to that of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, but the instructor writes on the monitor/tablet and the image is projected, rather than writing directly onto an electronic whiteboard.

Although the podium computer is the only wired computer in the room, note that multiple users can connect wirelessly to the campus network via laptops. There is a wireless antenna in the room. There is no laptop fleet associated with the room. Users must provide their own laptops and ready them for connection to the Gettysburg College network.


Library 018 has a Microsoft Outlook calendar associated with it. Appropriate library and ITT staff have "write" access to this calendar and may schedule library and ITT meetings and training. Other campus requests must be submitted to the library's administrative assistant (Miranda Wisor,, 337-6604).


The room is available for use when Musselman Library is open to the public. Public hours vary by time of year - check the library website for specific details.

Setup & Security

Room 018 is designed so that the furniture is easy to reconfigure. Please return the tables and chairs to their standard configuration before leaving the room (see attached).

While food and drink are allowed in room 018, please endeavor to leave no trace of your visit. Take recyclables to the appropriate bins in the library; remove the trash if bags are full and/or smelly; wipe down dirty tables. Report incidents as needed (ex: carpet stains are more likely to disappear if they are reported and cleaned immediately).

Room 018 should be locked when not in use. If you do not have a key to the room, make arrangements for unlocking/locking when you reserve the space (the library's administrative assistant, Miranda Wisor, can help with this).

Library 018 - Standard Room Configuration


Layout of room 18
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